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Art Exhibition of the Collections from Liechtenstein’s Royal Family

Venue: China Art Museum, March 12 - June 2

The exhibition features 100 pieces of oil paintings, prints and tapestries, which fall into the categories of portrait, landscape, still life and etc. The display covers themes including religion, mythology and history, giving a vivid account of the development of painting in the southern Netherlands during the 16th and 17th centuries. Notably, this exhibition is the largest ever held in China for a Flemish school maestro.

Art Exhibition of Claude Oscar Monet

Venue: Shanghai K11 Art Mall, March 8 - June 15

This first Monet-themed event is a special art exhibition ever held in the mainland of China, including 55 exhibits which best embody the artist’s works over the time. There will be 40 pieces of authentic works by Monet, as well as 12 pieces of master works by other impressionists. Besides, three items of Monet’s personal belongings are also expected to be on display.

18th Century Italian Copperplate Show

Venue: Liu Haisu Art Gallery (1665 Hongqiao Road)

Time: March 5 - March 23

As the last event of the Sino-Italian cultural exchange trilogy, this batch of classic European copperplates of the 18th century has been introduced by the Hengyuan Xiang Xiangshan Art Museum. The Show features more than 80 pieces of typical copperplate works selected from the “Roman Scenery Series” and the “Humanity Series” of the museum’s holding.

Solo Exhibition of Xiao Juan

Venue: Zhu Qizhan Art Museum

Time: March 8 - March 16

This exhibition marks the third time the Zhu Qizhan Art Museum sponsors a feature exhibition for a female artist on March 8 (the International Women’s Day) over the past 3 years. Li Xiaofeng, the exhibition planner, brings in nearly 30 pieces of oil paintings by Xiao Juan. The works carries a tone of uncertainty and mystery, while delivering a sense of assuredness by its elusion.

Photo Exhibition of Katsumi Hirabayashi

Time: March 8 - March 15

Venue: Lingyi Pavillion of Art Space, Jingan District128 North Shaanxi Road)

March 11 marks the 3rd anniversary of the East Japan Earthquake. The Japanese photographer Katsumi Hirabayashi headed to Higashimatsushima of Miyagi Prefecture, which was devastated by the tsunami, to shoot pictures just a month after the earthquake. The devastation is too difficult to believe, but hope still buds.

Calligraphy and Painting Exhibition of Han Min

Venue: Shanghai Research Institute of Culture and History

Time: March 11 - April 11

The exhibition is sponsored by the Calligraphy and Painting Research Group of the Shanghai Research Institute of Culture and History. It features 35 selected works of Mr. Han Min, who was born in 1929 and is a prestigious painter. The works consists of his former paintings completed in the 1980s and 1990s and his newly-drawn ones, as well. The paintings come in various topics, including portrait, beauty painting, bird-and-flower painting, bamboo-and-stone painting, insects-in-grass painting, etc. Meanwhile, the works are displayed in the forms of hanging scroll, manuscript, glass frame, and fan.

“Micro-reality” Exhibition

Venue: Shanghai Bund Art Museum (193 Hankou Road)

Time: March 8 - March 18

The “Micro-reality” Youth Art Exhibition opened in the Shanghai Bund Art Museum. More than 10 Chinese and Japanese artists including Guan Jingjing, Song Yang, Chen Linjie, Li Jiaru, Ueda Eiki had their works on the display at the Bund.

60 Years of Shanghai Archaeology (Lecture)

Venue: Shanghai Museum

Time: March 15, 14:00

Speaker: Song Jian (from the Archaeology Department of Shanghai Museum)

Who first discovered the Songze Culture archaeological site in Qingpu District? What about the potteries of Majiabang culture, Songze culture and Liangzhu culture? And stories about the stamped hard pottery and proto-celadon of Wuyue culture in the ancient Shang and Zhou Dynasties are presented for you to learn. All about the plenty archaeological discoveries in Shanghai over the past 60 years.

Swiss Landscape Design (Lecture)

Venue: Shanghai Contemporary Art Museum

Time: March 15, 14:00

Speaker: Guido Hager(renowned landscape designer in Switzerland)

For the past 25 years Guido Hager has been dedicated to the research on “Landscape Garden”. His latest projects include the park of the University of Zurich and the riverside corridor of the Rhine. During the lecture, Guido Hager will share with the audience his understanding of the landscape design in Switzerland.

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