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Changning sets record with 6 Magnolia Silver Award winners

Changning has set a record as six of this year’s Magnolia Silver Award winners come from the district, top in all downtown districts.

This year 50 foreign nationals were honored with the Magnolia Silver Award last Wednesday in acknowledgement of their outstanding contributions to Shanghai’s development.

Four belong to the economic field i.e. Kamran-Charles Vossoughi, president and chief executive officer of Michelin China; Visal Leng, CEO of Johnson Controls Asia-Pacific; Rohit  Jawa, executive vice president of Unilever and president of North Asia; and Charles Ray Hayes, global partner and executive director of Asia IDEO. The other two are in the science and society field – Nusrat Marat, an excellent community volunteer of Changning, and Aidong Qu, chief scientist of Shanghai Institute of Biological Products Co Ltd.

Meanwhile four of them are members of the Hongqiao Friendship Alliance, the city’s first district-level exchange platform established for outstanding foreigners in various fields, which provides international experience and consulting suggestions for Changning to build an international boutique city with world influence.

Here’s a brief introduction of the six Magnolia Silver Award winners in Changning:

Kamran-Charles Vossoughi, president and CEO of Michelin China, led Michelin China in helping China fight the COVID-19 pandemic and donated 3 million yuan to the Wuhan Charity Federation.

When vaccination became available for foreigners in Shanghai, he was the first foreigner to receive the jab in the city, and actively mobilized his wife and colleagues to vaccinate together.

Visal Leng, CEO of Johnson Controls Asia-Pacific, made a great contribution to China’s fight against COVID-19. At the beginning of the COVID-19 outbreak, he led the company to assist Wuhan in building a mobile cabin hospital, and installed security systems, network communication systems for more than 800 beds in the hospital within seven days.

During the 2020 Spring Festival holiday, he led the Johnson Controls Shanghai team to install remote consultation and other systems for Shanghai Tongji Hospital in just six days, effectively assisting in the hospital’s management of fever clinics during the anti-epidemic period and ensuring the safety of medical staff.

Rohit Jawa, executive vice president of Unilever and president of North Asia, is a recipient of the “Hongqiao Friendship Award” of Changning for his contributions to the district’s economic construction and promotion of foreign exchanges and cooperation in 2020.

Under his leadership, Unilever China received a letter of thanks from Xu Kunlin, former deputy mayor of Shanghai, for its outstanding performance in the fight against the epidemic. It was also honored as a “Caring Enterprise” by the Red Cross Society of Changning.

In addition, the Unilever Targeted Poverty Alleviation Project led by Jawa has also been recognized by the Shanghai Foreign Investment Enterprise Association and was awarded the 2020 Social Responsibility Outstanding Contribution Award.

Ray Hayes, global partner and executive director of Asia IDEO, is responsible for driving IDEO’s business in Asia, including guiding large-scale integrated project cooperation, using innovation to help customers achieve growth, and providing strategic consultations for corporate executives.

He is a member of the Forum Global Future Council on China.

Aidong Qu, chief scientist of Shanghai Institute of Biological Products Co Ltd, is a leading scientist of Sinopharm. Since graduating from the Johns Hopkins University in 2005, she has focused on the development of targeted therapy for malignant tumors, immunotherapy and anti-infective therapeutic monoclonal antibodies, and established an innovative therapeutic monoclonal antibody technology platform, which has helped state-owned enterprises make breakthroughs in the therapeutic monoclonal antibody drug field.

She has presided over the development of more than 20 therapeutic monoclonal antibody drugs and has obtained three domestic invention patents, and helped improve the antibody research and development level of Shanghai Institute of Biological Products.

Nusrat Marat, excellent community volunteer of Changning District, is keen to participate in social welfare affairs and is an excellent helper in Changning’s culture, education and sports development.

When the epidemic hit the city, he was touched by the street staff and volunteers’ hard work day and night. He took the initiative to undertake volunteer tasks in the Beiwang Community of Jiangsu Road Subdistrict where he lives, and assisted the management staff in serving foreigners during the time and helped persuade foreigners to comply with epidemic prevention requirements. To honor his outstanding performance in volunteer service, Changning District honored Marat with the first “Hongqiao Friendship Award”.

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