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Changning platform links district Party secretary with multinationals

Changning District has set up a special platform for multinationals to directly communicate with the district Party secretary. The platform is an annual meeting called the Changning District Roundtable Conference for Regional Headquarters of Multinationals.

The 2021 Changning District Roundtable Conference for Regional Headquarters of Multinationals, with Wang Lan, Changning’s district Party secretary, in attendance, was convened on September 9, attracting dozens of directors of key multinationals in the district.

Wang said: “The two national strategies namely the construction of the Hongqiao International Open Hub and the city’s digital transformation will bring Changning great opportunities. I hope multinationals in Changning will cooperate with the government and find more business opportunities here.”

Besides, she promised that Changning will strive to improve the living environment for people who study, work and travel in the district.

Directors of eight multinationals offered their suggestions on the two national strategies. They also talked about problems hindering their growth in Changning, with government officials assuaging their fears.

The roundtable system is like a bridge between the government and multinationals in Changning, with regular meetings held to learn about the multinationals’ development strategy and respond to corporate’s demands in a timely manner.

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