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Trendy stores bring new vitality to Panyu Road community

LOPE390, located at intersection of the historical Panyu Road and Fahuazhen Road in Changning District, has introduced a number of new stores recently, focusing on young and trendy commercial features.

Alimentari is one of the most famous Italian restaurants in Shanghai. “Alimentari” means Italian street grocery store. The store sells pickles, cold cuts, cheeses, wines, spirits and a variety of Italian canned foods. People can find a wide variety of Italian food here at reasonable prices.

The store has three large freezers, one with a variety of salami and salted meats, sold by the pound. The other two offer dry cheese and pickles.

Fufu Bakery is famous for its snow-coated BBQ Pork Buns. Besides, tuna buns and egg yolk runny pineapple buns also enjoy popularity.

Xian He Xiang La Music Restaurant offers BBQ, hotpot and crayfish.

More catering brands and bars will be introduced in future to inject new vitality to the community.

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