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Envoy delegation visits “AI+ community”

On June 7, a delegation of 31 envoys from Syria, Bahrain and other countries visited the Changning No. 6 Xinjing Village Residential area which has been built into an “AI+ community.”

After getting to know about the basic situation in the district, the envoy delegation visited the No. 12 Building to learn about the construction of elevators for old residential buildings. At present, the residential community has built six elevators.

The delegation walked from No. 12 Building to the “Le Ai Jia” residents’ activity center, and learned about the operation of a smart fitness path and the community waste treatment area.

The envoys also gained insight into the one-stop government affairs service, sharing kitchen application scenarios, community health service station, digital sports area, city smart study, children’s intelligent activity area and other smart facilities.

They also experienced the traditional TCM medical service and Dragon Boat Festival satchel making.

As one of the most internationalized central urban areas in Shanghai, Changning was the gateway hub of Shanghai and the Yangtze River Delta region in the 1980s, and is still the urban area with the highest concentration of expatriates and foreign consulates in Shanghai.

Changning’s foreign population accounts for a fifth of the city’s total, and the number of foreign residents ranks first in the city. It has 26 consular agencies in Shanghai, accounting for a third of that of the whole city. There are nearly 7,000 foreign-funded enterprises, and the number of regional headquarters of multinational companies is among the top in the downtown area.

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