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Changning promotes elderly health alert project

The Shanghai Charity Foundation Changning District Representative Office recently held a meeting to promote the district’s health alert project for the elderly. The project aims to install health alarm equipment in 6,000 elderly households in Changning within three years.

The project has been piloted in Huayang Road Subdistrict and Tianshan Road Subdistrict. The “Xiaozhitong” device has so far been installed in more than 100 elderly households.

The device is a wireless intelligent sensing technology developed by Perspicace, which can accurately sense human behavior and physical signs under non-visual monitoring conditions. By installing the device at home, the user does not need to wear it or charge it regularly, which is convenient.

The product has been well-received by users. The son of a 90-year-old woman living on Wuyi Road said that his mother once had a cerebral hemorrhage at home a few years ago. Luckily someone came and rushed her to a doctor in time.

After the installation of “Xiaozhitong”, he can see his mother’s daily physical condition on his phone, and he can be notified in time in case of an emergency.

Zhang Guorui, deputy director of the office, said about 65 percent of the accidents for elderly people at home happened in the bathroom, according to a market survey. So, the alarm equipment will be installed in the bathroom without violating privacy to effectively reduce the hidden danger.

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