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Iconic Xinhua Villa renovation completed

Renovation of Xinhua Villa, which includes two alleyways, Lane 211 of Xinhua Road and Lane 329 of Xinhua Road, has been completed. This will improve the quality of the community and create a good livable and humanistic environment.

The horseshoe-shaped residential area was designed by famous architect Laszlo Hudec. It contains 29 garden houses in British, American, German and other Western styles. In the 1930s and 1940s, many foreigners lived here, so it was also called the “foreign alley.”

After the renovation, the dilapidated alley road surface and part of the wall were repaired, and the road surface was divided into parking spaces. The more than 50 parking spaces can basically meet the needs of residents. The garbage room and the security station have been given an English country style makeover. Small gardens have been added to the open space.

On December 22 last year, the “Foreign Alley” Co-governance Committee was officially established, with more than 20 members representing different alleys to manage the community together. A variety of activities such as policy publicity meeting and rice making activity have been organized by the committee.

According to Zhang Zhaoping, Party secretary of Xinhua residential community, more plants will be grown to turn the alley more delicate and more historic and cultural elements of the alley will be exploited.

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