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Beixinjing Sub-district sets up special vaccination site

On March 31, Beixinjing Sub-district opened a special COVID-19 vaccination site at the Greater Hongqiao Business Service Center to provide vaccination services for key buildings as well as enterprises and residents in neighboring buildings. According to statistics, a total of 1,385 people were vaccinated that day.

The International Trade Center, New Hongqiao Building and Naked Hub are the three key buildings served by the Beixinjing Community Service Center.

Before 9am, everyone waited outside the special venue under the guidance of the staff for admission. Volunteers holding up QR codes shuttled through the crowds, reminding and assisting people to register for appointments. In order to avoid invalid queues for people who came afterwards, the sub-district prepared vaccination number plates in advance and distributed them in the order of queuing, so that people holding the number plates could get vaccinated on the same day.

Considering that there are many foreigners in the business buildings around the site, two special consultation points for foreigners were set up, where the staff of the Changning District Foreign Affairs Office answered their questions on vaccination.

The special site is divided into four special areas, namely waiting area, registration area, vaccination area and observation area. “Remember to open the vaccination QR code in advance. Do you have your consent form and ID card with you?” In the registration area, after checking the relevant materials, the staff carefully reminded the entering citizens of the relevant precautions.

In order to ensure an orderly and smooth vaccination process, medical personnel from the Beixinjing Sub-district Community Health Service Center sit in the registration area to ask about the physical condition and past medical history of the people in advance.

“The special vaccination station is so convenient. I don’t have to go far to Suining Road,” said a man surnamed Wang, who works at the International Trade Center.

There are 12 vaccination stations in the vaccination area, and medical staff can vaccinate multiple recipients simultaneously. The vaccination process went smoothly on March 31, and generally one recipient could be vaccinated in about three minutes.

In order to reduce the workload of medical workers, Beixinjing Sub-district prepared warm reminder cards in advance, with precautions and consultation telephone numbers after vaccination.

It is expected that in three weeks, Beixinjing Sub-district will also open 1 to 2 special vaccination sessions at the Greater Hongqiao Business Service Center to provide the second vaccination service.

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