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Columbia Circle to host Coffee Opera Festival

The first Coffee Opera Festival will kick off at the Columbia Circle in Changning District next month.

The opening ceremony of the festival will be held on April 9. Next, a series of coffee culture activities will take place in the district.

The Columbia Circle will combine the organic integration of coffee and environmental theater elements to create the first-ever coffee opera festival in Shanghai, on the occasion of the “Shanghai Coffee Culture Week”.

The festival is divided into three parts: “Coffee theater”, “coffee culture show”, and “coffee-related designer toys fair”.

The designer toys fair will take the lead to open to the public on April 6, as a warm-up activity for the coffee opera festival. Featured cafes in the circle will offer discounts to consumers during the period.

From April 30 to May 5, the festival will enter its climax. One of the most important parts is the cooperation between the circle and Shanghai Modernist Playhouse, where the public can enjoy five Chinese and foreign classic or original coffee plays. Altogether 26 performances are expected to be staged.

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