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Firms sign contracts to move into Xinhua Central Activity Zone

A promotion conference for the “Connect the World” IM Shanghai Changning International project and the Xinhua Central Activity Zone investment was held recently. A number of enterprises signed contracts to settle in the zone.

As one of the best spatial resources in Changning District, the Xinhua Central Activity Zone has a great opportunity for future development.

A number of enterprises, such as Renshu Investment Management, NE Engineering and Xiaotu Network Technology, signed contracts with the Changning District government to move into the Xinhua Central Activity Zone.

The partners filled the vacancies in the economy, culture, community and industry of the regional market, providing new momentum for the city’s economic growth.

IM Shanghai Changning International is an emerging commercial complex within the Xinhua Central Activity Zone, which will bring a new office and neighborhood living experience to white-collar workers and citizens.

As commercial support for the core office area, IM Shanghai Changning International will build diversified commercial space that includes a commercial pedestrian street on Kaitian Road, a “16-hour” LG floor nighttime economy commercial street, and a “Kaitianli” IP marketplace.

IM Shanghai Changning International will integrate business, ecology, culture and experiencing activities so as to create a unique business complex.

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