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Schools with the most beautiful gardens

Seventeen school campuses in Changning were honored by the city government for their creating beautiful gardening. 

Among them are the Changning campus of Donghua University, Soong Ching Ling Kindergarten (Gubei), the Changning campus of the East China University of Political Science and Law, Yan’an High School and Shanghai No.3 Girls’ High School.

Changning campus of Donghua University

Through many years of construction and renovation, the Changning campus of Donghua University has become a garden campus with beautiful environment and quiet atmosphere.

In front of the central building, the green trees set off the red brick wall. Walking in the long corridor and the avenue between the buildings, it seems that time has been reversed for decades.

In the central garden area, the atmosphere is quiet and elegant, which attracts teachers and students to linger, have a rest and talk and carry out extracurricular activities.

Soong Ching Ling Kindergarten (Gubei)

Soong Ching Ling Kindergarten (Gubei) is a modern kindergarten full of green and flowers. It is a green paradise for children’s growth, with shady trees, big lawns and seasonal flowers.

Changning campus of the East China University of Political Science and Law

The predecessor of the Changning campus of the East China University of Political Science and Law is St John’s University with a century-old history.

The campus is exquisite and small, just like a garden, gentle and reserved, unique and dignified. This simple and quiet campus is scattered with many Chinese and Western school buildings. Walking on campus, you can feel the accumulation of history and the traces of time.

Yan’an High School

Shanghai Yan’an High School covers an area of about 100,000 square meters, with more than 40 percent of the green area. The campus layout is reasonable, the facilities are complete and the scenic spots are beautiful and characteristic. It pays attention to the aesthetic and environmental protection and the cultural connotation of the campus environment.

The fish pond, school motto stone and the relief in Zhenru Hall are all campus facilities with the characteristics and cultural heritage of the school.

Shanghai No.3 Girls’ High School

Shanghai No.3 Girls’ High School is the only public girls’ higfh school in Shanghai.

It is well-known overseas for more than a century. The school building is listed as one of the top 100 architectural relics in Shanghai. The campus is exquisite, elegant and beautiful. A group of young, lovely and energetic girls spend their blooming years in this beautiful environment.

Editor:Li Xinran Shanghai Daily

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