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Third Changning medical group joins Pudong airport COVID-19 test team

At the end of January, hospitals in Changning District received the task of supporting Pudong airport customs in nucleic acid sampling and testing for COVID-19. The third batch medical workers from Changning will spend the whole Spring Festival period at the airport.

“It is the third time that I will be joining the sampling team. On the second occasion when I finished picking samples for a young boy who was about seven or eight years old, he gave me a thank-you card drawn with a rainbow,” recalled Huang Xuan, one of the nurses. “Sometimes the work is hard, and sometimes we are misunderstood by tourists, but the rainbow, just like a magical healing pill, brings my heart back to peace and warmth.”

When her hospital received the first notice seeking personnel to support the sampling work at Pudong airport, Zhao Qiong, a mother of two, signed up as a volunteer.

“I didn’t tell my husband when I signed up though I informed him afterwards. He said ‘Good job!’ I will take good care of our children!” On hearing these words, Zhao Qiong’s slightest of concerns was immediately dispelled.

Zhao Chunyan, meanwhile, will also be joining a frontline team against the epidemic prevention work for the second time. Last time was in October, six days after her marriage.

Huang, Zhao Qiong and Zhao Chunyan are the epitome of the 35 members of the nucleic acid sampling team. Like other members, they have overcome all kinds of difficulties, including in their families, and fought on the frontline of the battle against the coronavirus pandemic.

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