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Changning boosts headquarters economy to improve services

Changning District is constantly enhancing its headquarters economy by improving its business environment, especially government services.

For the district, developing the headquarters economy is key to upgrading its industries and improving operation efficiency. 

A headquarters economy is defined as being sufficiently resource-rich so as to attract a cluster of corporate headquarters. Not only does it improve operational efficiency by gathering the most knowledge-intensive segments of corporate value chains in “center cities,” it also brings desirable economic benefits to its surrounding areas by optimizing resource distributions among different regions and industrial chains. 

Changning now has 108 headquarters and research centers of multinationals and private enterprises, among which 75 are regional headquarters of multinationals, ranking third in downtown Shanghai.

All the achievements made are attributed to not only the good location of the district but also its government services.

Changning is closest to the Yangtze River Delta Region in downtown Shanghai, and boasts the Hongqiao Comprehensive Transport Hub.

Based on the favorable location, Changning has been constantly improving its government services.

The district has rolled out a series of incentive policies to attract more regional headquarters while enhancing the service guarantee mechanism.

“We have got a lot of support and enjoyed convenient facilities here since we established our company in Changning in 2011. Our sales reached 117.3 billion yuan (US$18.37 billion) last year from 40 billion yuan ten years ago, and our staff also increased greatly. Changning is a fortunate place for Bosch,” said Wu Yifei, head of Public Affairs, Bosch China.

Bosch is not the only company that appreciates Changning. For Spring Airlines, too, the district is always the first choice. Spring Airlines’ headquarters building is being built in Changning now.

“Spring Airlines was born and grew up in Changning. When we are planning to build our headquarters, many cities invited us, but for us, Changning was the only choice. In 2020, the airline industry was greatly affected by the pandemic but the Changning government rolled out 15 policies in time to help us overcome the difficulties,” said Wang Yu, chairman of Spring Airlines.

Besides, the Changning government has set up two business service centers this year to improve its services. The two centers are the Hongqiao International Opening-up Hub Business Service Center and the Hongqiao International Trade Service Center, which provide one-stop service, including talent settlement, policy consultation, investment service, risk control legal service, notarization consultation, Changning corporate loan, policy financing guarantee, financial service, to better serve enterprises.

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