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Great places around town just a doorway away

The greatness of a community is most accurately measured by the compassionate actions of its members. – Coretta Scott King

Great places around town just a doorway away

Shanghai’s cultural and tourism authorities released a first group of 50 recommended sites on December 28, selected from 124 candidates based on public online voting and expert appraisals, according to officials from the Shanghai Administration of Culture and Tourism.

About 200,000 votes were cast.

The 50 “great places at doorway” include commercial blocks that blend community service, cultural and sports functions, pocket parks and community-based micro theaters, said Zhang Qi, deputy director of the administration.

“They enable residents to get close to nature and have an enjoyable experience at their doorways,” Zhang said.

Winners include the Columbia Circle in Changning District and Zhenru Gaoling Market in Putuo District, the Pudong Library and Wangjiangyi (a rest house by the Huangpu River) in the Pudong New Area, Yuyuan community culture and activity center and BFC in Huangpu District, Xiwang Garden Lane Museum and Beizhan Art Center in Jing’an District and Kangjian Community Sports Park in Xuhu District.

The Wuyi Road and Gubei Civic Center in Changning are also on the list.

The 1.7-kilometer-long Wuyi Road, originally Tunsin Road, was constructed in 1925. It is one of 64 roads in the city under protected status and lies within Changning’s historical conservation zone. The road features both Eastern and Western architectural styles with garden villas, new lane-style communities and modern high-rises.

Urban planning experts with Tongji University started making plans for renovating an area along the road covering 470,000 square meters in 2019.

Existing businesses on Wuyi Road will be evaluated in order to retain some popular and characteristic stores while bringing in new cultural brands, according to Changning government.

The Gubei Civic Center at 99 Fugui Road E. has extended its services to government affairs, everyday life, cultural exchange and community joint governance.

An immigrant integration service counter is now open at Gubei Civic Center to provide expats policy interpretation, advice on travel and residence, legal aid, and language and cultural services.

The first of such kind in Changning, the counter is part of a six-in-one doorstep service for local expats. The other five counters at Gubei Civic Center are Hongqiao overseas talent hub, overseas personnel services, international legal services, the expatriate center and good life services.

Jointly held by the immigrant integration service counter, Hongqiao overseas talent hub and the expatriate center, a number of activities focusing policy interpretation, art and culture, education, healthcare, sports and entertainment are also available at the center.

Expats in Hongqiao Community are now able to apply for work permits at the center.

The Hongqiao overseas talent hub is now open at the center. It can accept applications for temporary residence and work permits as well as offer consultations on entries and exits, residence and work, according to Hongqiao Community.

Meanwhile, Nanxiang Ancient Street in Jiading District, Sijing Ancient Town in Songjiang District, and Tinglin Academy in Jinshan District also made the cut.

“The release is designed to promote the city’s public spaces with a combination of functions like culture, tourism, business, fitness and leisure to residents and lift their sense of fulfillment, happiness and quality of life,” said Zhang.

Inauguration of new campus of eye hospital

The Hongqiao campus of the Shanghai Ophthalmopathy Prevents and Controls Center was inaugurated on December 27 at 1440 Hongqiao Road. The new campus will launch outpatient service in March.

The only ophthalmopathy hospital in Shanghai, the center was founded in 1942 and from then on located at 380 Kangding Road.

In the past 80 years, the center has built five key clinical departments, including ophthalmology, optometry center, prevention and treatment department, children and youth myopia prevention and control center and pharmacy department, as well as characteristic specialties such as cataract specialty, vitreoretinal disease specialty, lacrimal duct disease specialty, glaucoma specialty, ocular surface disease specialty and traditional Chinese medicine ophthalmology specialty. It is reported that the annual outpatient visits has reached 200,000.

Due to the small area of the Jing’an campus, it is often difficult for patient to see a doctor during the peak period, so the hospital decided to build a new campus.

After 16 months of construction, the Hongqiao campus was finally completed. The Hongqiao campus covers an area of nearly 14,000 square meters.

The new campus has new vision training center, practical training center, traditional Chinese medicine diagnosis and treatment center, Internet hospital telemedicine center and other areas.

A 70-bed inpatient department has been built to provide Changning residents with prevention and control of myopia among children, treatment of chronic eye diseases among the elderly and treatment of difficult eye diseases.

Hongqiao campus can undertake 300,000 annual outpatient visits, which will greatly increase the outpatient visits of the center.



New legal guidelines book to help foreign community

Hongqiao Community published an e-book “Guidelines for international community legal affairs” in Chinese, English, Japanese and Korea editions on December 30.

The book covers visa related issues, such as residence permit, various kinds of visa and permanent residence permit for foreigners; work related issues, such as labor contract, social insurance, overtime pay, part-time job and resignation; entrepreneurship related issues, such as foreign investment law and preferential policies for foreign investment in Shanghai; and life related issues, such as marriage and family, housing, consumption and domestic waste classification.

It also includes China’s COVID-19 pandemic prevention and control related issues and laws and regulations involving labor disputes, telecommunications fraud, domestic violence, traffic accidents, property disputes and consumers’ rights and food safety.


100-kilometer walk to celebrate New Year

A 100-kilometer walking and cycling tour was held in the city on January 1 to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China.

The tour had nearly 800 walkers and cyclists aged between 10 and 65 from the Yangtze River Delta region, including some expats.

They started from the Linkong Music Park in Changning District, and passed by the 45-kilometer riverfront of the Huangpu River, the 42-kilometer Suzhou Creek greenway and finished at the site of the First National Congress of the Communist Party of China.

At the same time, 51 pairs of newlyweds knotted ties at Changning Marriage Registration Center. On New Year’s Eve, a gala was held in Changning Folk Arts Center to celebrate the coming of 2021.

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