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New legal guidelines book to help foreign community

Hongqiao Community published an e-book “Guidelines for international community legal affairs” in Chinese, English, Japanese and Korea editions on December 30.

The book covers visa related issues, such as residence permit, various kinds of visa and permanent residence permit for foreigners; work related issues, such as labor contract, social insurance, overtime pay, part-time job and resignation; entrepreneurship related issues, such as foreign investment law and preferential policies for foreign investment in Shanghai; and life related issues, such as marriage and family, housing, consumption and domestic waste classification.

It also includes China’s COVID-19 pandemic prevention and control related issues and laws and regulations involving labor disputes, telecommunications fraud, domestic violence, traffic accidents, property disputes and consumers’ rights and food safety.

Hongqiao Community overseas the city’s first international community after 1949 - Gubei - which homes more than 2,000 families from 24 countries and regions in the area of 1.67 square kilometers.

When people from all around the world live within an area of several blocks, neighborhood governance is no small matter. It is no exaggeration to say that any dispute between neighbors may lead to diplomatic row.

Community workers mobilized Chinese and foreign residents who were enthusiastic about public affairs to set up a chamber dealing with neighborhood matters.

A panel of 12 counselors holds regular meetings once a month. The counselors bring to the body feedback from their residential compounds: problems, suggestions for improvements, and praise for systems that work well.

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