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Inauguration of new campus of eye hospital

The Hongqiao campus of the Shanghai Ophthalmopathy Prevents and Controls Center was inaugurated on December 27 at 1440 Hongqiao Road. The new campus will launch outpatient service in March.

The only ophthalmopathy hospital in Shanghai, the center was founded in 1942 and from then on located at 380 Kangding Road.

In the past 80 years, the center has built five key clinical departments, including ophthalmology, optometry center, prevention and treatment department, children and youth myopia prevention and control center and pharmacy department, as well as characteristic specialties such as cataract specialty, vitreoretinal disease specialty, lacrimal duct disease specialty, glaucoma specialty, ocular surface disease specialty and traditional Chinese medicine ophthalmology specialty. It is reported that the annual outpatient visits has reached 200,000.

Due to the small area of the Jing’an campus, it is often difficult for patient to see a doctor during the peak period, so the hospital decided to build a new campus.

After 16 months of construction, the Hongqiao campus was finally completed. The Hongqiao campus covers an area of nearly 14,000 square meters.

The new campus has new vision training center, practical training center, traditional Chinese medicine diagnosis and treatment center, Internet hospital telemedicine center and other areas.

A 70-bed inpatient department has been built to provide Changning residents with prevention and control of myopia among children, treatment of chronic eye diseases among the elderly and treatment of difficult eye diseases.

Hongqiao campus can undertake 300,000 annual outpatient visits, which will greatly increase the outpatient visits of the center.

From the filing of pregnancy medical record, vaccination at birth, the management of chronic diseases for middle-aged and elderly people to the hospice care at the end of life, Changning provides high-quality, warm and lifelong healthcare service to its 700,000 residents.

Healthcare service is no longer only about the treatment of diseases, but focuses on “people-oriented” care. It is for the people, from the perspective of residents’ health, to achieve all-round care without dead ends.

With an increasingly rich content, Changning provides it people lifelong healthcare involving 144 essential public health services in 14 categories, and 50 sub-categories.  

In terms of caring for children and adolescents’ health, Changning carries out congenital disease screening for newborns, provides vaccination and health care services for school-age children, and strengthens vaccine safety management.

The district carries out health exams in kindergartens and primary and secondary schools, carries out regular refractive and oral health examinations, finds dental caries and provides treatment in time.

It also provides pit and fissure sealant service for school-age children to prevent tooth decay.

In order to protect the health of women and the elderly people, Changning provides pre-pregnancy examination and counseling for women of childbearing age, early pregnancy healthcare, prenatal examination and postpartum visits for women of pregnant and parturient period, screening gynecological and breast diseases for retired and poor women free of charge.

It serves the elderly with pneumonia vaccination and conducting health check-ups and visual acuity screening for people aged 65 and above. 

The district also designates hospitals to provide surgeries for cataract patients as well as post-op visit after surgery.

To prevent and control chronic diseases, 10 community health service centers and 40 community health service stations in Changning are equipped with health self-test cabins for residents to carry out self-exams of height, weight, blood pressure and blood sugar, and to carry out early screening and intervention for hypertension, diabetes, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, colorectal cancer and other chronic diseases.

Additionally, Changning provides health management services for patients with hypertension, diabetes, cancer, tuberculosis and severe mental illness, and to control disease progression.

At the same time, Changning enhanced health education and counseling services among its residents and set up health counseling hotspots in the community.

After 1949, particularly in the past 40 years of reform and opening up, Changning has made great progress in the reform and development of medical and health undertakings by deepening the comprehensive reform of community health, building a public health system and deepening the reform of public hospitals, said Chi Jie, Party secretary of Changning health commission.

Changning has established a solid medical service network and public health service system. It has made progress in deepening the reform of the medical and health system and great achievement in the development of health information.

Equalized access to basic public health service has been established in the district. Changning also made great achievement in the construction of a demonstration base of traditional Chinese medicine preventative and health-keeping service system.

The district is promoting a comprehensive reform of community health services, extends the service of general practitioners among local residents. 

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