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Zhongshan Park gets five-star rating

According to the two-year comprehensive park assessment results for 2019 and 2020 just released by the Shanghai Greening and City Appearance Bureau, Zhongshan Park in Changning District was awarded a five-star rating.

Two other parks in Changning were rated as four-star venues in Shanghai, bringing the number of star-rated parks in the district to 13.

Shanghai parks are divided into four categories: comprehensive parks, community parks, special parks and historical parks according to their main functions, and are rated by category on the basis of their classification.

Zhongshan Park is one of the few parks in Shanghai with more than 100 years of history and culture. From the earliest Zhaofeng Park to the present comprehensive park, Zhongshan Park has undergone several transformations and constructions, and has distinctive landscape features and the brand of the times, and is by far the oldest park with the most complete original landscape style in Shanghai.

The park is mainly composed of English-style gardens, supplemented by traditional Chinese gardens, Japanese gardens, and ornamental plant gardens, creating different scenic features.

As for landscape creation, the park reflects a continuation of the historical lineage, combined with the development of the times. Water treatment work has been carried out in one of the 12 landscapes located next to the West Lawn “Lotus Pond and Clear Moon” in recent years. After the renovation, the water quality of the lotus pond is clear, the water plants are swaying, and small fish and turtles are occasionally seen.

Volunteers practiced in-depth public welfare activities in Zhongshan Park. The Party-building work guidance station will gather 100 public groups together to achieve self-service and self-management.

Cultural events such as the Shanghai Citizens Cultural Festival, the Shanghai International Arts Festival “Art Sky”, and the Changning Hongqiao Cultural Autumn Festival have been held in the park. Symphony concerts, painting and photography exhibitions, gardening lectures have also been staged here.

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