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With Chartered Flights to Kashgar, Spring Travel Launches 3 Product Lines

At the "Supporting Xinjiang on Silk Road, Family-like Relationship of Shanghai and Kashgar" 2020 Shanghai Aid for Kashgar, Xinjiang through Tourism Promotion Conference recently held, the Kashgar Prefecture and its four counties of Shache, Bachu, Zepu and Yecheng showcased the abundant tourism resources and rich ethnic customs in the region.


Kashgar is an important town on the ancient "Silk Road" and a significant link in the core area of the "Belt and Road". With unique tourism resources, it integrates the highlights of natural landscapes, cultural attractions and ethnic customs. In recent years, the Kashgar Prefecture has continued to nurture the tourism as the most promising pillar industry with advantages and an industry enriching the people, coordinate the guidance of the government and the participation of market entities, highlight folk customs, tap into cultural elements, integrate tourism resources, improve supportive functions, strengthen the market supervision, and strive to promote the tourism brand of "Silk Road Attractions, Intoxicating Kashgar - Xinjiang Tour Is Incomplete without Visiting Kashgar".


At the Promotion Conference, the Frontline Headquarters for Shanghai Supporting Xinjiang and Spring Airlines Co., Ltd. signed a supporting-Xinjiang agreement on charter flights. In addition, the tourism companies such as Shanghai Spring Travel Service Co., Ltd. (Spring Travel) and the Kashgar Prefecture Administration of Culture, Radio, Television and Tourism signed a cooperation agreement on "Attracting Travelers to Kashgar", so as to organize Shanghai tourists to travel to the city. The move will play a significant role in revitalizing the tourism market in Kashgar, strengthening cooperation and exchanges between Shanghai and Kashgar, and pushing Shanghai's in-pair aid to Xinjiang to a new level.


Spring Travel will launch three new product lines of supporting Xinjiang through tourism. To meet the needs of various enterprises, the products will build a bridge linking up Shanghai and Kashgar on the basis of the chartered flights themed “Public Welfare Tours for Enterprises to Support Xinjiang through Tourism”, as relevant enterprises can participate in cooperation and exchanges such as investment and business promotion in the region, and order local agricultural and sideline products for targeted donations; in response to the demands of ordinary people, the chartered flight products will be launched for the participation of the public, involving the natural scenery and cultural characteristics in the four counties of Shache, Zepu, Bachu and Yecheng in Kashgar within the paired aid program; in addition, special chartered flight products will also be introduced for those with different needs, involving photography, meditation, hiking and other themes, with individualized and customized services also provided.


This year is the 23rd year of Shanghai's aid program for Xinjiang and the 10th year of Shanghai’s in-pair support to Kashgar. With the support of the frontline headquarters of Shanghai's paired support to Xinjiang, Kashgar’s economy has seen the construction, opening up and development booming in an all-round manner, and the continuously unleashed dividends have stimulated the prosperous development of tourism.


At present, the tourism industry in Kashgar has basically formed the pattern of joint development of the cluster of 5A-level scenic spots and the cluster of five-star hotels, and a system of tourist products adequately integrating natural and cultural landscapes with leisure and vacation and combining spots, lines and areas for the comprehensive experience of folk customs and history and culture. The 8 brands for the city have been established, including the town of singing and dancing, the town of melons and fruits, the town of longevity, the town of jade, the town of food, the famous historical and cultural city, the town of the Silk Road features, and the plateau fairyland.


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