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Another Attraction for Leisure on Holidays

The Anshun Green Land Cage Football Field has been under an overall renovation, which is also a practical work project of the District Administration of Sport. After the renovation, intelligent management will be added and a full range of cameras will also be set. The project is expected to be completed by the end of September.


Located at the intersection of Anshun Road and Dingxi Road, Anshun Road Green Land is one of the few green spaces for public activities in Xinhua Road Subdistrict. Because of the scarcity of vacant spaces, there are few areas available for effective use, and the existing spaces can hardly meet the residents' demand.


The Anshun Green Land Footpath is 110 meters long and 1.5 meters wide, and the cage football field covers an area of 312 square meters. Although the venue is not large, the activities such as the young people’s exercises, the square dances practiced by the elderly and the music performances are all gathered in the small space. In the renovation, the football field is mainly designed for young people and children, the footpath mainly aims to serve the elderly citizens’ walking around, and the citizen gym on the opposite side of the road targets the young white-collar workers. After the renovation is completed, the venue will be built into a sports activity center covering all age groups. The project includes the basic repair of the ground of the sites, the laying of artificial turf on the football field, paving the footpath with the plastic surface, the mending of the surrounding fence, and the installation of intelligent equipment. At the same time, the renovated football field will be equipped with intelligent management and omni-directional cameras to further improve safety. The project will be completed by the end of September 2020 and open to the public. In recent years, Changning District has continued to make efforts in transforming the existing resources and increasing the new supplies in the sports facilities, and promote the balanced layout of the public sports facilities in the east, middle and west parts of Changning, so as to better meet the diverse sports needs of the citizens, comply with the expectations and aspirations of the public, and improve the people’s living standards.


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