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Linkong Skate Park Opened to Public for Free!


Recently, the specialized skateboarding section of Linkong (airport) Skate Park has been fully opened to the public, providing the skateboarders with a free, specialized and safe venue for exercise and exchanges.


The Linkong Skate Park was officially opened to the public in October 2019. However, considering the particularity of the sport event and the need to ensure the safety of the venue, the park was studying and formulating the professional plan for management and maintenance of the skateboarding facilities in the earlier stages, so the specialized section was not opened to the public then.


With the management plan basically determined and the staffing of the professional and support personnel completed, the specialized skateboarding section of the Linkong Skate Park has recently been opened to the public for free. According to an on-site coach from the ICONX Experience Skateboarding commissioned by the park management, as long as you carry a professional skateboard and wear safety protective gear, you can enter the site for a skateboarding experience, and the coaches will provide guidance and safety monitoring at any time.


The specialized skateboarding section is well equipped with bowls, U-shaped ramps, blocks and other facilities for skateboarding enthusiasts to complete various feats in experience. There are also other sections around the venue including steps, seats, green belts, etc. The visitors who want to appreciate the wonderful skateboarding skills within close distances can also enter the venue to watch.


It is learnt that, including the Linkong Skate Park, Shanghai currently has only two specialized skate parks. Besides being provided for the city residents to practice freely, the specialized skateboarding section in Linkong Skate Park can also host various professional skateboarding competitions. Previously, the preliminaries of the youth skateboarding league were held here, and they were also the first city-level youth skateboarding games organized by Shanghai Extreme Sports Association after Shanghai’s epidemic prevention and control response was adjusted to level 3.


At present, the specialized skateboarding section is in the early stage of trial operation. In the future, professional skateboarding events will be planned and organized, and the section will be developed into a more professional open space for skateboarding experience.


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