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Pocket Park on Shuicheng Rd Renovated, New Scenic Spots Added

Dense vegetation, clear stream and broad leisure space…Recently, a renovation project for Yishui Garden, a pocket park at the northwestern corner of the intersection of Shuicheng Road and Honggu Road, was completed and new scenic spots added, attracting many citizens to take pictures here.


Yishui Garden, a pocket park that covers an area of 4,561 square meters, is located along Zhoujiabang River, a natural river. This pocket park has beautiful scenery and looks like a graceful beauty in ancient poems.


A waterfront square is located in the central part of the pocket park, nearby the park’s main entrance. This circular square is built around the Zhoujiabang River and is surrounded by green plants. There is a Chinese-style landscaping wall at the main entrance in the central part of the square. This is a grey and white colored wall decorated with wooden structure. It looks durable, classic and elegant.


Water culture is a highlight of this park. Visitors can see a large area of aquatic plants in the river, including lotus and plantain, creating green and vigorous landscape for the river.


Circular water area, waterside terrace and arch bridge…This park creates large space for visitors to have a sightseeing trip and take pictures.


Walk on the waterside terrace, visitors will see a corridor covered by wooden structure. There are chairs in the corridor. On a rainy day, if you take a stroll here and get tired, you can sit on a chair and enjoy the waterside landscape outside.


Xuanhua Square, located in the southern part, is the largest space in the park. In this renovation project, the function of the square remains unchanged, and a ring-shaped multistep terrace was added to increase the ratio of leisure space; the ring-shaped flower pond nearby was adjusted and dredged to broaden the visual space.


In this renovation project, sparse and poorly-growing arbors in the park were removed and remaining arbors were trimmed to broaden the space. Plants showing the change of seasons were added and arranged in different heights to make the green space more vigorous and vibrant.

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