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Only 30 Minutes! The Smallest Cardiac Pacemaker in the World Transplanted

Remember Micra, the smallest cardiac pacemaker in the world and a star product on the first China International Import Expo? Today (in the morning of July 22, 2020), a Micra cardiac pacemaker, which is as small as a capsule and only weighs about 2 grams, was successfully transplanted into the body of a 77-year-old patient at Tongren Hospital.


At 8:30 a.m., 77-year-old Mrs. Ma accepted this special cardiac pacemaker implantation surgery.


On the screen, it could clearly be seen that a small cardiac pacemaker was cautiously transplanted into the patient’s cardiac chamber through a catheter. The surgery ended when doctors confirmed that the 4 “hooks” at the end of the cardiac pacemaker had been tightly adsorbed on the patient’s cardiac muscle and functioned normally. The surgery was completed in 30 minutes.


Mrs. Ma feels good after the surgery and now, she’s remaining in the ward for observation.


“The transplantation surgery consumes little time and the success rate is high. The patient has better postoperative recovery comparing with conventional surgery,” said Qiu Zhaohui, director of the hospital’s cardiovascular department.


Micra non-conductor cardiac pacemaker is developed by Medtronic, a U.S. medical company. Since the first transplantation surgery of Micra succeeded in Austria in 2013, more than 70,000 patients have benefited from the transplantation surgery so far. In 2018, Micra debuted on the first China International Import Expo and was in the spotlight as one of the most advanced technological products in the world.


The size of a conventional cardiac pacemaker equals to the size of a teabag. It should be transplanted into the subcutaneous tissue of the patient’s upper chest and connected to the heart through conductors. Micra cardiac pacemaker does not have conductors and pockets. Its dimension is only 93 percent of a conventional cardiac pacemaker: The length is 2.5 centimeters; the volume is 1 cubic centimeter; it weighs only 2 grams. The service life of Micra is longer than a conventional cardiac pacemaker. Its service life exceeds 12 years.


More importantly, Micra could be transplanted in the patient’s cardiac chamber through a catheter in a femoral venous puncture surgery. This approach relieves pain, trauma and complication, and reduces the risk of infection. The patient almost doesn’t feel the existence of this cardiac pacemaker. It improves the patient’s quality of life after the surgery.


Within only 2 years, more people benefited from this star product on CIIE and the expense of surgery could be covered by health insurance. This achievement has been made thanks to the efficient service process on the citys integrated online platform.


According to Gu Zhijian, head of Tongren Hospitals medical department, previously, the review process for new technologies and projects to be included in health insurance was complicated and time-consuming. The integrated online platform, promoted by the municipal government, offers a direct channel making the review process more efficient and smooth, and makes Mrs. Ma the first patient in the city accepting this advanced therapy for cardiac disease.

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