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Yunnan-characterized Cafe Moves to Changning!

Cave-style arch, terraced seating, large open-air lawn... Located at 2268, Hongqiao Road, the Caiyunfei, a Yunnan small grain coffee experience center, is a characterized coffee shop with the natural elements unique to Yunnan Province, which provides a comfortable environment for the citizens to enjoy the aroma of Yunnan coffee beans in. Jointly promoted by the Yunnan Province Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, Yunnan Coffee Association, and Yunnan Coffee Trading Center and supported by the Shanghai Commission of Agriculture and Rural Affairs and the Shanghai Agricultural Exhibition Hall, the Caiyunfei was opened in November 2019 as the first official display window for Yunnan coffee in Shanghai.


Caiyunfei not only promotes Yunnan's coffee culture, but also aims to provide citizens with a quiet and comfortable place in the fast-paced life of the city.


Walking into the shop, you will immediately be impressed by the faint coffee aroma and the bright and neat layout. According to the reporter’s on-site observation, the cafe is very spacious, and can be roughly divided into four sections: the coffee making section, the landscape seating section, the meeting section and the leisure swing section, which enables the customers to sit where they want to.


In order to make the cafe more Yunnan-characterized and offer the customers a more realistic and comfortable natural environment, Caiyunfei incorporates Yunnan's unique natural landscape elements in the furnishing design inspirations, such as the inspiration from the terraced fields in Yunnan resulting in the landscape section at the floor-to-ceiling windows and that from the "caves" on the mountain roads in Yunnan leading to the cave arch and other space shapes in design.


In addition to the unique style of the environment, Caiyunfei also specializes in Yunnan coffee beans and Yunnan specialty desserts, which have attracted a large number of customers.


According to the chief of Caiyunzhinan Agricultural Products (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., Caiyunfei's operation team, all coffee beans in the cafe are from Yunnan, and the most representative coffee beans in Yunnan have been gathered and carefully selected by the team members at six major producing areas in Yunnan during the new harvest season every year.


The baristas will use professional production skills to present these coffee beans to the customers in the ways of pour-over, flavor and special brewing. It is learnt that to enjoy the most mellow and original taste of coffee beans, it is recommended to choose the pour-over way of making coffee, which will enable you to have the taste of the original fruity sourness of coffee beans as well as a touch of Pu'er tea.


In addition, Caiyunfei also offers a coffee making experience, where you can do everything from grinding to brewing to act as a barista and make a cup of hand-brewed coffee for yourself, your family or friends.


The ingredients of the desserts in the cafe are also from Yunnan. While retaining the original flavor, the bakers have made innovations and improvements. For example, Caiyunfei makes the Yunnan flower cakes into flower shapes, and adjusts the tastes so that the cakes have a rose aroma that is fragrant but not over sweet, in order to adapt more to popular tastes. Going forward, Caiyunfei will also provide more coffee space interactions to bring unprecedented experience to the city residents who have no chance to go to coffee plantations.


Caiyunfei Yunnan Small Grain Coffee Experience Center


Business hours: 08:00-18:00 (every day)


Address: 102, Building C, No. 2268, Hongqiao Road


Metro Guide: Walking for about 500 meters from Exit 3 of Longxi Road Station on Metro Line 10

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