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Magical Bianlifeng Convenience Store: 10 Stores Located in Changning

This is a magical convenience store. Customers dont need to wait in a long queue for paying bills. Here, they can also DIY their favorite drinks and buy most popular goods on social media. This convenience stores name is Bianlifeng.


Shanghai Bianlifeng Business and Trade Co., Ltd. is a representative enterprise in the Internet + Life Service Sector of Changning. It is also a new economic organization of Xinhua Road Sub-district. The company has nearly 200 convenience stores in the city. They provide smart and high-quality shopping experiences to citizens and make shopping a joyful experience to consumers.


In the past two years, the company combined AI technology with traditional commerce. This innovative operational mode greatly improved the companys performance.


Address selection for all stores are made based on the results of calculation by a smart brain system. Currently, there are 10 stores in Changning. Most of them are located in regions with huge gathering of white collars and young people, such as business districts and office buildings.


Bianlifeng has its own fresh food factory and exclusive cold-chain transportation, and thus guarantees the freshness of food from the source, because all food is transported in safe and stable low-temperature environment. The company has developed a TMS transportation monitoring system, which sends data of temperature in refrigerator of truck to the backstage every five minutes and produces a temperature control curve. Once the temperature exceeds the allowed range, it triggers the alarming system.


All Bianlifeng convenience stores in the city have a designated area for customers to heat food. A smart backstage collects data of dishes that customers purchased and analyzes which dish is the customers favorite one, and thus changes menu for customers accordingly. Smart and careful service creates warm shopping atmosphere for busy white collars.


Bianlifeng makes strict management on the freshness of products. Each product with short shelf life is attached with an electronic price tag. The color of price tag will become red based on the data of inventory and sales volume and show a promotion price. This approach not only makes customers feel relieved for shopping, but also saves time for staffs, because they dont need to alter each price manually.


Customers could also pay bills via the Bianlifeng APP or the self-service machine. This approach makes the process of paying bills quick, efficient and convenient, because customers dont need to wait in a long queue. Meanwhile, customers could make coffee and drinks in the store by themselves. All steps are made in contactless manner and are novel and hygienic. Self-service shopping experience also shortens the distance between customers and smart retail service.


The convenience store sells many goods that are popular on social media, but the turnover rate of these goods is extremely high. To young people who love to buy these goods, Bianlifeng looks like a Taobao shop at the doorstep. Recently, Bianlifeng begins to sell Li Ziqi & Peoples Daily Liuzhou river snail rice noodle, and it becomes very popular among customers. Apart from diversified brand goods, Bianlifeng has developed its private label: Fengzhixuan, which is also popular among customers. High quality products with affordable prices always attracted customers attention as soon as they were put on the shelves.


Bianlifeng not only focuses on developing the company, creating its own brand characteristics and improving customer satisfaction, but also focuses on contributing to society. The company actively joins hands with the government for optimizing regional business environment.


In April 2019, 5 enterprises in the city, including Bianlifeng, got a food business license for opening stores in several locations with only one business license from Shanghai Municipal Market Supervision Administration and Changning District Government. This marks the efforts that the company has made in exploring innovative reforms in food business in Changning and Shanghai.


Meanwhile, Bianlifeng also actively shoulders social responsibility. When the COVID-19 epidemic broke out this year, the company made quick response and donated 100,000 free box meals to doctors and nurses worked in mobile cabin hospitals in Wuhan. For the companys outstanding contributions in fighting COVID-19, providing daily necessities to people, ensuring food safety and creating sustainable lifestyle, in late June 2020, Bianlifeng was awarded a honorary title: 2020 Corporate Citizenship of China: Top-60 Enterprises with 520 Brands of Responsibility.


Taking this award as an opportunity, the company continues to be a role model in social responsibility, food safety and sustainable development and joins hands with the general public for creating a blueprint of High Quality Life and Convenience China.

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