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9 New Professions Gain Popularity Online

On July 6, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security joined hands with the State Administration of Market Regulation and the National Bureau of Statistics to release 9 new professions such as "blockchain technicians" and "online marketers", which were the third batch of new occupations announced in China since the issuance of the "Occupation Classification System of the People's Republic of China (2015 Edition)".


What are the nine newly released professions? They are blockchain technicians, urban administration grid operators, online marketers, information security testers, blockchain application operators, online learning consultants, community health assistants, ability assessors for older adults and additive manufacturing equipment operators.


Besides the newly released professions, some new types of work derived from some occupations were also announced, such as the “livestreaming salesperson” that is added under the online marketer profession, and as a result, the well-known "e-commerce live-streamers" and "marketing social media influencers" have their official occupation title. In addition, five types of work, including "Internet information auditor", " micro-sized and small loan officers", "labor dispatch administrators" and "clay board painting creators", have also become official occupation titles.


According to the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, in order to expand the public health auxiliary service practitioners and help control the novel coronavirus pandemic, in the release of the new professions, the types of work under the original "public health assistant" occupation, including "epidemic controller", "disinfector" and "public place sanitation administrator", were upgraded to new occupations.


This batch of new occupations not only mainly involves the prevention and control of public health emergencies, but also adapts to the new business fields suitable for the employment and entrepreneurship of college graduates, as well as the poverty reduction sectors where poor laborers and rural migrant workers are employed.


Wang Xiaojun, deputy director of the Department of Professional Capacity Building at the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Sciences, said that the development of new occupations will serve as a driver for employment and entrepreneurship. For example, as some occupations are labor-intensive, it is possible to make some existing rural migrant workers and laid-off workers reemployed through timely conversion of occupational positions.

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