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Young Entrepreneur Makes Little Shop Attraction in Changning

Recently, the “Yi Mao Wei Zhu (being dominated by cats, or mainly cats)”, a cat interaction shop located in Changning District, has been popular with the consumers. The shop is not only an event venue for the "Blue Ribbon", the public welfare organization, but also a "youth center" for Zhoujiaqiao Sub-district.

According to the big data of Meituan Dianping, an on-demand service platform, Shanghai has ranked first in China in terms of the number of emerging entertainment businesses, and new business models such as surfing halls and trampoline halls are springing up. Flexible and diversified new business forms have driven new occupations, as the new generations born in the 1980s and the 1990s are gradually becoming the experiencers and creators of the new jobs.


In the Cultural and Creative Park at No. 2453, Wanhangdu Road, Changning District, there is a "cat petting experience hall" founded by Lao Ding, a young entrepreneur born in the 1990s, which has gained popularity among many cat lovers.


The cat petting experience hall called “Yi Mao Wei Zhu” covers an area of 500 square meters on two floors, integrating all the auxiliary facilities for cats. On the first floor there are the claw machines, the game equipment and the kitten sales area, and it is a paradise for cats on the second floor, with a lot of cat climbing frames and toys for cats, as well as various Instagram-style props suitable for taking pictures. The shop adopts the main color of warm pink, coupled with milky white cat climbing frames, khaki tatami mats, and various rattan woven cushions, thus creating warmth with a sense of designing.


There are Ragdolls, British Shorthair Cats, Maine Coons, etc. As long as you sit down, you can feel the happiness with cats around you.


In addition, the shop is also one of the activity venues of the Blue Ribbon Pet Volunteer Service Center, a non-profit organization based in Shanghai, which has been active in various residential areas of Zhoujiaqiao Sub-district for a long time, guiding the residents in keeping pets in proper manners, rescuing stray animals in the communities.


With the coordination of the Blue Ribbon Pet Volunteer Service Center, the "Yi Mao Wei Zhu" cat interaction shop has been officially designated as the "Zhoujiaqiao Sub-district Youth Center", which will provide a more interesting space for youth activities and public welfare events in the sub-district.


"Yi Mao Wei Zhu" Cat Interaction Shop

Address: No. 107, Building B, No. 2453, Wanhangdu Road, Changning District

Business Hours: 13:00 - 20:00, Monday to Sunday

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