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Epidemic Prevention Measures Updated in Food Markets of Changning

To normalize measures for epidemic prevention and prevent the rebound of the COVID-19 epidemic, 16 Meitian Company’s food markets in Changning District updated epidemic prevention and control measures.


Food markets in Changning strengthened epidemic prevention and control measures since February. Disinfectants were sprayed in food markets twice a day. Consumers with abnormal temperature and consumers without wearing masks were not allowed to enter food markets. As concentrated breakout of COVID-19 epidemic was detected in Xinfadi Food Market in Beijing recently, on June 13, 16 Meitian Company’s food markets in Changning strengthened measures of epidemic prevention and control.

Our reporter visited a Meitian Food Market on Anshun Road recently. Thermal temperature measuring equipment has been installed at the entrance of the food market to measure temperature for consumers. Beneath the thermal temperature measuring equipment, a new broadcaster has been installed to remind consumers of wearing masks and keeping distance with other consumers.


At noon, as consumer flow decreased, staffs sprayed disinfectant on scales, stalls, surfaces and handles of refrigerators and electric scales in the aquatic food area and wiped them clean, because consumers would frequently touch the surface of these places.


As a staff of the food market told, apart from spraying disinfectant in important areas at noon, staffs would also spray disinfectant in all places of the food market before and after the food market opens and closes to business, particularly in stalls selling seafood and meat. After removing all products in these stalls, staffs would spray disinfectant in all corners of these stalls, so as to ensure the cleanness of every corner in the food market.


To vendors in the food market, apart from taking their temperature every day and requiring them wear masks and gloves, the food market also checked the information of vendors’ family members to see whether they left the city for other provinces recently, so as to grasp dynamic information of vendors and report abnormal situation to authorities on time.


Food safety is the most important issue at present. In the food market, our reporter found that every price label of meat has a food safety traceability code, and consumers could scan the code to know about the product’s production place, batch and purchase date. This is an effective measure to ensure food safety.


Aquatic products were purchased from legal seafood market, with completed manufacturer’s certificates and transaction vouchers.


According to Gu Zhijun, chief of General Party Branch and general manager of Meitian Non-staple Food Company, the company will always focus on epidemic control to ensure people’s health and safety when facing the new situation and challenges of the COVID-19 virus.


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