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Changning-Based Shopping Mall Launches "Sports Carnival", and More

When sports integrate with business, exercise merges into the night market, and technology empowers competition, will you be spurred by the inner curiosity and excitement to make an exploration?

Seizing the opportunities provided by the "May 5 Shopping Festival" and the first Shanghai Nightlife Festival, the Changning-based KiNG88 Plaza is holding a sports carnival event. From now until June 30, you can come here to enjoy a "sports-characterized summer time" from 3 pm to 10 pm every day.

At the outdoor rock-climbing section, the 8-meter rock wall is waiting for both adults and children with vitality and courage to challenge and scale the mountains. With more than 10 years of experience in the business, the project's operation team Rock Dance Space has won many national awards in the field of rock climbing, and will provide the sports experience of the best quality for visitors.

How can the basketball event loved by so many people be absent? The 88 Basketball Park is not only a sports ground for exercise with sweat, but also a social field for young friends, creating an inspirational exchange platform of the basketball culture for the young people to interact and communicate through basketball and enjoy the happiness and recognition on the court.

The Mach series of fun sports linking up the sections inside and outside the mall, including archery, frisbee, rugby, baseball, football, ice hockey, etc., subverts the traditional sports' dependence on the venue. Through the latest AR intelligent interaction, AI robots and other black technologies, it is oriented towards business scenarios to improve amusement and interaction, making visitors feel the extraordinary attraction of "smart sports".

In addition, a sports cultural fair is also being held on the square space, where about 30 special stalls are stimulating the visitors’ desire to buy.

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