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Elderly-friendly Coffee Shop Reopened

At the entrance to Shanghai Hongqiao Central Park on Hongqiao Road there is a "golden cabin", which is called “Yi – The Coffee Club”, a coffee and tea restaurant with warm and stylish decorations. With the control of the epidemic stabilized, the charity coffee shop has also been reopened to the customers. A large number of senior citizens who stayed at home for a long time have stepped out of their houses and met friends here again.


The prices are attractive here, with a cup of savory and mellow latte coffee at RMB18, for example. As the elderly come together, chatting over coffee, the restaurant is filled with laughter and joy. Here, the baristas and assistants are middle-aged and elderly volunteers who are not paid. The younger elderly serve the older seniors, which relieves many elderly people who have never been to a coffee shop of their nervousness.


It is learnt that the Yi – The Coffee Club is under the Happy Life Elderly Assistant Information Service Center, which has gained popularity among the senior citizens by relying on the revenue of the charity coffee shop to support the elderly public welfare undertakings and provide elderly-care information and services for the elderly. The “Yi – The Coffee Club” has become a usual place for many elderly people to meet and communicate.

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