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Street Park Renovation to be Completed in Changning

The "Yishui Park", a street park at the intersection of Shuicheng Road and Honggu Road, is under renovation, and the project will be completed by the end of June. In the future, the residents will be able to enjoy the beauty of nature and feel the leisure in the surroundings with bridges and water near their homes.


Located on the northwest corner of the intersection of Shuicheng Road and Honggu Road, Yishui Park covers a total area of about 4,561 square meters. The park is close to Meitian Taiyang Vegetable Market, and there are quite a few residential areas around it, such as Hongxia Community, Taiyang Apartment, Hongjing Community and Honggu Community. For years, Yishui Park has been a must-go place for nearby residents to exercise and take a walk.


In order to improve the quality of green space, the District Greening and Urban Appearance Bureau launched the renovation and upgrading project of Yishui Park. The main entrance of Yishui Park is located on Shuicheng Road. In the park there are currently landscape facilities such as the entrance waterscape, the theme scenery walls, the activity square, the wooden corridors and the water side platforms.


As Yishui Park is close to Zhoujiabang, a natural river channel, it is like a beauty in the poems, standing gracefully on the other side of the water and ignoring the courtship by thousands of literati. Therefore, this renovation will carry forward and strengthen the cultural theme by adding aquatic plants and newly building hard landscapes.


The park is densely greened, mainly with tall evergreen trees. The project retains the original trees in the park, and will add new Chinese-style scenery walls and aquatic plant theme waterscapes, incorporating poetry, calligraphy and other elements to result in an elegant mood in poems and make it a street park that integrates leisure, entertainment and viewing.

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