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“Duggee” Comes to The Place in Changning

The British children's cartoon "Hey! Duggee" has come to The Place, a shopping mall, in Hongqiao, Shanghai to hold its first exhibition in China’s mainland, the "Unbelievable Island Fun". Take the children to experience a summer island tour full of kids’ fun!


There are 7 interactive games set up at the "Unbelievable Island Fun" theme park, creating a 90-minute game journey for children. One of the most eye-catching is the Duggee teacher with a smiling face of 9 meters high rotating to welcome every child who comes to play. Another attractive facility is the "Elephant Balls Pool", where children can enjoy a cool refreshing summer time in the super-large ocean balls pool of nearly 100 square meters.


The "Submarine" shows the colorful world of marine life through the multimedia interactive design, inspiring children's senses of hearing, vision, touch, etc., and enabling them to have a clearer understanding of marine life while exploring the mysterious underwater world.


The "Fat Rocket Base" uses aerodynamic principles to involve the children in physical experiments, making them better learn about aerospace; the "River Adventure" completely restores the scenes in the cartoon and captures the children's movements through the VR technology, so that the children can sail a virtual cruise ship down the river to start a wonderland adventure. At the last stop of the "Learning Tour of Fun Island", the children will find a Duggee Warm Gift Shop that offers limited-edition original design products, including plush toys of the main characters, clay models, key rings, canvas bags and school bags, etc. Kids can buy a limited-edition gift to take Duggee's warmth home and continue to make explorations in the world of Duggee!


At the "Unbelievable Island Fun" exhibition, the four major learning elements of "color, shape, music and rhythm" are everywhere, and reflect the educational concept of “Hey! Duggee” in an all-round manner, which prompts the children to use their own hands and brains and solve problems; there will be a corresponding badge reward for each completed task so as to enhance the children's initiative and sense of achievement in learning.


The exhibition also naturally integrates the educational concept of the "HeyDuggee" into each interactive game and scene experience, guiding parents and children in exploring the deep meaning behind the exhibition. The educational concept of "Hey! Duggee" is not only highly compatible with The Place’s brand value of "Growing in Each Journey", but also full of inspiration for the current family education, as rather than taking the instilling approach, it is better for the parents to try to listen, guide, and understand that each child lives independently as an individual. This will not only create a self-exploration space for the children, but also bring the parents the pleasant surprise in the “natural way” of getting along with their children, thus growing together with their children.


In addition, during the event, The Place will strictly implement the three controlling measures for "taking temperatures, limiting flows of customers, and disinfection", and making an appointment through the WeChat applet is encouraged, so as to effectively reduce the waiting time at various links, and provide healthy and orderly entertainment facilities for the children.



Event Time: May 30 - July 19, 2020


Ticket: RMB88


To purchase tickets, please scan the QR code below.


Venue: L1 Atrium, South Zone, The Place in Hongqiao (100, Zunyi Road, Shanghai)


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