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Mysterious "Old Castle" to be Opened to Public!

Combining Eastern and Western architectural elements, Sun Ke’s Villa, designed by the famous Slovak-Hungarian architect Laszlo Hudec, is a typical Spanish-style villa with strong artistic characteristics. It is learnt that Shangsheng Xinsuo has launched the renovation project for Sun Ke’s Villa, which will be opened to the public in the second half of this year after protective restoration.


Sun Ke’s Villa, located at No. 60, Panyu Road, is one of the important historical buildings in Shangsheng Xinsuo, an online must-visit in Shanghai. The villa has a typical Chinese courtyard with an artificial river winding through it.


With lush plants in the garden, the castle-like Sun Ke’s Villa is hidden in the greenery like a virgin forest, making it more mysterious. The main body of the villa is a Spanish-style building, with splendid porch, flat arch, arc arch, round arch and other variable window frames and the Italian-style chimney. Although it mixes various architectural styles, the elements well complement each other.


The south facade of the villa is basically a horizontal three-segment design with partial classicist symmetry, while the overall pattern adopts the asymmetrical layout of modernism. The architectural shapes, doors and windows of the left, middle and right parts vary greatly.


The interior of the villa has a lot of designs of pointed and round arches, creating a unique romantic style on the whole and showing the exquisite decoration. The stairs are all made of teak, and the cast iron railings in the stairwell are also very beautiful. There are delicate teak aprons on both sides of the corridor, with various combinations of patterns protruding from the aprons.


At present, the renovation project for Sun Ke’s Villa is in progress. When the project is completed, we will be able to personally appreciate the architectural aesthetics of this century-old mansion and feel the cultural heritage. Let us look forward to the day together.


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