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Changning Police Crack down on Thefts Committed by Online Ordered Housekeepers

As the pace of life is getting faster and faster, a large number of citizens choose to find housekeeping personnel online who provide cleaning, maintenance and other services. However, due to the lack of strict checks on some platforms and the uneven quality of the personnel, there tend to be some hidden safety hazards. Recently, the police in Changning detected and solved two cases of theft committed by domestic helpers.


On the afternoon of April 22, Ms. Mao, a resident, came to the police station of Tianshan Road, Changning Public Security Sub-bureau and reported that she had booked the services of a housekeeper online so as to have the house cleaned the day before. But when the housekeeper left, Ms. Mao found that more than 2,000 yuan in cash in the house was missing, and only the housekeeper, Chen, had come to the house besides the family members, so Ms. Mao was suspicious. According to the clue, the police immediately summoned Chen to the police station for investigation. After arriving, Chen confessed to committing the theft when doing the cleaning in the house with Ms. Mao paying no attention. Then the police recovered the stolen cash from Chen and in the cracks in the toilet ceiling at her temporary residence.


Also finding that the cash in the house was missing was Mr. Xu, a resident at Huayang area. The police immediately launched an investigation after receiving the report from Mr. Xu, and found that the online ordered housekeeper surnamed Shi was highly suspicious. Two hours after receiving the report, the police followed the clue and captured the suspect Shi and seized the cash involved in the case. Because there was still a lot of unidentified cash carried by Shi, the police immediately carried out further interrogation. Eventually, the suspect Shi confessed to the criminal fact of stealing money at the employers’ houses at a number of locations such as West Tianshan Road and Xianxia Road when the employers were heedless. Some owners even failed to notice the thefts at their houses, and did not report the case to the police.


At present, the suspects Chen and Shi have been criminally detained by the Changning Public Security Sub-bureau in accordance with the law on suspicion of theft.


Police reminder: while ordering online housekeeping services, it is necessary for the city residents to learn about whether the service platform has relevant qualifications. After a housekeeper arrives, his or her identity should be verified. In addition, it is necessary to raise the awareness of precaution and take care of valuables and cash.


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