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Beixinjing Sub-district Takes Measures to Ensure Safety of Shop Signs

Recently, Beixinjing Sub-district, supported by Changning District Landscaping and Urban Appearance Administration and China Telecom, installed 55 monitors for monitoring the balance of shop signs on streets to ensure resident’s safety. Balance monitor, as a technological concept previously for the sector of cultural relics monitoring, released a new chapter for an interdisciplinary approach to monitor the safety of shop signs in intelligent and real-time manner.

A balance monitor has small size, and it won’t damage a shop’s façade. This device monitors the structural balance coefficient of shop signs around the clock and ensures the overall stability and safety of shop signs. All balance monitors will be connected to the database of Beixinjing Sub-district Urban Comprehensive Administration Center. Once dangers were detected, such as inclined or waggling structure of shop signs, they will give warning messages. Meanwhile, staffs in the urban comprehensive administration center and shops installed this device will receive warning messages on the APP: “Cultural Relics Cloud” with synchronized data. The collaboration of big data platform and APP ensures that the safety of all shop signs will always be knowable and controllable.

So far, Beixinjing Sub-district has installed balance monitors in 21 shops east to Xinjing Liucun community and 15 shops west to Jinzhong community. “Shanghai gave a blue alert of gale in early April. These monitors quickly notified us the level of alert, and made us ready to take protective measures in time. These monitors expanded the monitoring scope and enhanced our efficiency of response,” said Qian Yuliang, director of Beixinjing Sub-district Urban Comprehensive Administration Center.

To ensure the safety of shop signs on streets, in the past three years, Beixinjing Sub-district Municipal Administration and Urban Appearance Office established a special team in charge of administration for shop signs. The special team made on-site inspections in advance, sent notices to shops for rectification, invited authoritative institutions to produce safety testing reports for shop signs, and removed 251 shop signs threatening the safety of residents, and thus restored the previous façade of shops and ensured the safety of residents. Beixinjing Sub-district also filed a document for each shop and dispatched urban appearance administrators to patrol on streets for the long-term effectiveness of rectification. Thanks to these 55 balance monitors, shop signs on streets became safer than before, making citizens feel relieved.


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