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The World’s 1st Authoritative Certificate of Public Health Standards for Hotel Indust

On the morning of May 11, the DNV GL issued the Hotel Industry Certificate of Conformity, the world's first public health protection standards, to Hongqiao State Guest House Shanghai, indicating that the hotel gained world-level authoritative recognition in terms of management and service processes. The event represents a strong commitment to providing customers with a safe, healthy and trustworthy experience environment, and was also a historic moment in the hotel industry in Changning, Shanghai and even the world.


It is learnt that urged by the health commission, commerce commission, bureau of culture and tourism and Hongqiao Subdistrict in Changning District, the DNV GL took advantage of its own expertise to carry out the secondary development on the basis of its independent intellectual property right of "infection risk management standards for medical institutions", formulating the applicable management system standards according to the characteristics of specific industries. In the process, the DNV GL advanced the systematic development for the hotel industry as the first pilot project. On April 28, the conformity certification of the public health evaluation standards for the Hongqiao State Guest House was completed.


Tang Chanting, head of the project, said that during the certification process, the DNV GL conducted the certification standard reviews for more than 100 items such as hotel rooms, food and beverage and service personnel. Specifically, there were strict requirements for the ventilation, cleaning duration, cleaning cycle, and even the range of wiping with the cleaning cloth. In terms of the food and beverage at a hotel drawing much attention from the customers, the DNV GL carried out rigorous reviews of the hand disinfection among chefs and cooks, with clear rules provided regarding how to implement the sterilization, how often to wash their hands, and what disinfectant products to be used, and definite procedures developed for maintenance of refrigerators and freezers used for storing food. It is learnt that Hongqiao State Guest House has ensured that each room has windows for ventilation, the air-conditioning system operates independently at each room, and more than five pieces of cleaning cloth with different functions are utilized in tidying up every room.


When attending the ceremony for conferring the certificate, Chen Huawen, deputy Party chief of Changning District, thanked the DNV GL and Hongqiao State Guest House for their long-term outstanding contributions to the economic and social development in Changning. He said that the cooperation between the two parties is of great significance, and the move will lay a solid foundation for the hotel industry and other sectors to promote the standards for management, prevention and control in the future. In addition, acting as a supporter, Changning will continue to provide a strong guarantee for the experience-oriented consumption entities in the district.


Kang Wenyu, president of DNV GL Group Greater China, said that the epidemic prevention and control has been more normalized, which indicates that the prevention and control will gradually be shifted from the government-led wartime emergency state to the normalcy characterized by participation and cooperation of multiple parties in the society, and also means that while ensuring the epidemic prevention, more and more industries need a set of authoritative industry processes and standards for public safety and protection as a reference to protect employees and customers. The pilot program of the public health evaluation standards for the hotel industry also signals that in the future, the DNV GL may develop systemic standards for public health management for the catering, culture and tourism, education and other industries to reduce the risk of infection and mitigate the impact of epidemic on the economic development and people's lives.


According to the analysis of Cao Wei, deputy general manager of Donghu (Group) Co., Ltd., the small step of Hongqiao State Guest House obtaining the certificate today is actually an important one in the development of the entire hotel industry. The hotel industry is a traditional experience-based economy that relies mainly on consumer confidence. Although the industry as a whole continues to improve, affected by the pandemic, the residents' confidence in consumption is dampened and the recovery is relatively slow. The issuance of the Public Health Protection Standards – Certificate of Conformity for the Hotel Industry makes the consumers rest assured, provides a promise and guarantee for a healthy and safe environment, marks a new starting point for the hotel industry, and offers an example to other hotels in terms of self-help and development.

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