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Over 100 Events Held in Changning on Double Five Shopping Season

What is the new future for urban commercial development? Maybe we would find the answer from the Double Five Shopping Season, a shopping event enjoying popularity in Shanghai.


On May 5, the opening ceremony for “Glamorous Hongqiao: High Quality Products Shopping Season” was held at Raffles City in Changning District. On the ceremony, 13 webcast anchors from shopping malls, shopping streets, restaurants and shopping websites from Changning became recommenders of high quality products of Changning. 5G polyphonic ringtones were launched to boost consumption. The Dong-fang-shi-ke gourmet festival was launched, and a consumption map of Changning on Double Five Shopping Season was released to mark the official opening of the “Glamorous Hongqiao: High Quality Products Shopping Season”.


The “Glamorous Hongqiao: High Quality Products Shopping Season” would last until the end of June. In the next two months, over 100 online and offline events would be held to bring diversified and novel shopping experiences to consumers.


As our reporter learned from the Changning District Business Commission, from May 1 to May 3, 8 major commercial enterprises in Changning realized total sales of RMB100 million. On a month-on-month basis, this figure increased 164.22 percent from April’s level, and the consumer flow increased 32.67 percent. In some shopping malls, the sales got close to or even exceeded the level in the May Day holiday of the past year.


Webcast boosts sales of brands


“Glamorous Hongqiao: High Quality Products Shopping Season” is a special consumer event designed for the Double Five Shopping Season. Changning aims to embrace new economy, stimulate new infrastructure construction, enlarge new scene, build new brands and promote new consumption, build this shopping season into a shopping, sightseeing and gourmet brand with Changning’s characteristics and create a new future for urban commercial development.


“Hi, everybody, I’m Mo-du-xiao-wei, the chief recommend officer of I, on behalf of NuZealand, will take you to the Double Five Shopping Season on the Internet.”


After the opening ceremony, a Double Five Market was organized for enterprises to display creative products and services for consumers.


On May 5, a special webcast was held on, gaining high popularity among consumers. Meanwhile, webcast anchors were promoting the NuZealand brand through smart phone on various shopping websites, such as Tmall, Fresh Hema and A “cloud webcast” for NuZealand opened on all marketing channels and networks of this brand. Through the smart phone of webcast anchors, consumers could not only go shopping on the Double Five Shopping Season, but also could place orders on smart phone and get discounts.


Eastern Air Catering brought its MU Noodles on the shopping season. Deep Blue Technology brought its AI magic mirror. After finishing face scanning, consumers could get health information, such as BMI, blood pressure, blood sugar and blood lipid through this product. Procofo Technology brought its COFE+ robot coffee maker and introduced the latest self-service retailing experience to consumers. Telecom service operators, including China Unicom, China Telecom and China Mobile, brought their latest experiences of information products and services to consumers.


Exploit industrial agglomeration advantage and develop online new economy


Actually, Changning always adheres to new development concepts and strives to promote high quality development and create high quality life.


Changning, as one agglomeration district of Internet and service enterprises in Shanghai, exploits its advantages in “Internet + life service”, focuses on developing online new economy, empowers offline business with online business and empowers enterprises with platforms. Changning joined hands with Pinduoduo and helped enterprises, such as Oriental International Holdings Group Limited, to establish a special corner on Pinduoduo for promoting products manufactured by enterprises in Changning.


AI is another sector that Changning supports enterprises to develop. Changning supported AI enterprises to accelerate the development of smart retailing terminals, such as smart vending machine, self-service vending machine and smart micro food market, and promoted the settlement of new-type consumption patterns, such as self-service retailing and contactless delivery in the district. Changning joined hands with and became the first district in the city to launch contactless smart delivery lockers. Changning also formed partnership with China Unicom, China Telecom, China Mobile and Deep Blue Technology on 5G technology and AI smart consumption.


Changning also deepened integrated development of business, tourism and culture, accelerated digital transformation and upgrading of commerce, strived to realize full coverage of various consumption scenes, such as online channel online channels, offline shopping malls, culture and sports venues and community commercial facilities, and provided consumers with better shopping experiences. Tourism enterprises, such as Ctrip and Spring Tour, would also join the shopping season by organizing diversified events.


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