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"Chang’e-5" Comes Back Thanks to Changning

The recent smooth landing of Chang’e-5 return vehicle, a remarkable and arduous task, owes much to the great effort made by Jushiri Technologies, Inc., an enterprise in Changning District.

Jushiri, an enterprise .located in Shanghai Hongqiao Linkong Economy Park, guaranteed the whole process of the search and recovery mission command system with its communication equipment.


More than 40 types of communication equipment were used in the air and ground search units, including special communication base station for air ground cooperative launch, mobile base station, backpack station, and handheld station. On an extremely cold night, the audio and video of the search recovery scene was transmitted back to the mission command hall in real time, and broadcast to thousands of households by CCTV.


Meanwhile several technical personnel of Jushiri participated in the onsite work of the search and communication unit as well as several support drills for more than one month. They witnessed the spirit of Chinese astronauts in chasing the dream, exploring, fighting together and cooperating for a win-win result. The company helped China kick off a new journey of interstellar exploration toward a powerful aerospace country!


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