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"Changning Sample" of YRD Pension Integration Landing!

Changning District Civil Affairs Bureau respectively signed the "Memorandum of Regional Pension Integration Service Cooperation in Yangtze River Delta" with Nantong Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau and Changzhou Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau, and the “Framework Agreement on Cooperation Among Four Parties” on expanding the cooperation in strengthening resource sharing and co-building of pension projects in the future with Changzhou Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau, Liyang Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau and Shanghai Jinzhifu Pension (Group) Co., Ltd. from December 8 to 9, in order to implement the national strategy for the integrated development of the Yangtze River Delta (YRD) and promote the coordinated development of the regional pension integration in the YRD. .


In recent years, based on the national home-based and community-based elderly care reform pilot and the national smart health care application demonstration zone, Changning has innovated and promoted the in-depth integration of "medical and health care", taken the lead in building a hierarchical care system for the elderly with cognitive impairment and opened the district smart care big data platform, in a bid to provide the "Changning sample" for the coordinated promotion of the YRD regional pension integration.


Meanwhile, Changning plays an advantage in the process of exploration and practice of the regional pension integration in the YRD. In terms of cooperation with pension institutions, Changzhou Jintan Yixian Nursing Home, Jurong Yixian Nursing Home and Zhenjiang Yixian Nursing Home of Renshoutang, Changning Brand Pension Chain, have been included in the first list of remote pension institutions in the YRD, where the elderly can use "one card" service in medical insurance’s settlement. In terms of exploring new pension service mode, Shanghai Jinzhifu Pension (Group) Co., Ltd. has also invested in the development of the Huangjinshan Resort Pension Project in Liyang City, and explored a new pension mode combining the pension industry base with the modern agri-technology industrial park.


In order to promote the rapid development of regional pension industry, policies are needed to break the situation. On the basis of signing the “Memorandum of Service Cooperation”, Changning will continue to promote the clearance of regional pension service policies with the partner regions, so as to realize further mutual recognition of facilities, qualification identification of employees and assessment standards of care needs of the elderly. In addition, Changning will encourage the pension enterprises to "go out" and actively introduce the pension industry resources of in-pair cities to accelerate the circulation of production factors and the linkage of the pension industry among cities, so as to provide the elderly with distinctive services such as tour pension.


It is learnt that in January next year, the Hongqiao forum on the collaborative development of the pension industry in the YRD during the "14th five-year plan" period will be held in Changning, and it will provide a service platform for building resource connection, project cooperation and talent exchange of the pension industry in the YRD, so as to promote the implementation of important projects such as the operation and management of pension institutions and the health care base of the pension service enterprises of Changning in the in-pair regions .


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