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100 Year’s Old Yuyuan Road Attracts Attention of State Ministry

On October 27, an inspection team for law popularization during the “Seventh Five-Year Plan”, led by Liu Zhao, Vice Minister of the Ministry of Justice, and comprising Huang Qi, CPPCC Member and Vice Chairman of the Shanghai Women’s Federation and Wang Xiaoguang, Director of Bureau of Law Popularization and Rule of Law, the Ministry of Justice, visited the block for culture of rule of law on Yuyuan Road, accompanied by Song Lie, Deputy Director of Shanghai Administration of Justice, Wang Lan, Deputy Chief of the Changning District Party Committee and Changning District Governor, and Zhang Lei, Standing Member of the Changning District Party Committee and Chief of the Politics and Law Committee.

In the citizen center at 1051 Yuyuan Road, the inspection team visited the sharing space for rule of law and talked with residents, merchants and legal advisers of neighborhood committees from the Shequgengxin Service Organization, an organization established by diversified groups of people. Residents offered advices on an artistic installation featuring rule of law that will be completed on Yuyuan Road. Joint consultation makes the whole process for this artistic installation, from design to construction, showing the spirit of democracy, rule of law and negotiation.

At the celebrity’s wall at 1065 Yuyuan Road, Huo Bai, a volunteer guide from Yuyuan Road Community, told the stories of celebrities who made contributions to rule of law in China, including Shi Liang, Shen Junru, Hou Yuzhi, Lin Yunan and Yang Shoulin, for the inspection team. The celebrity wall tells the stories of several contemporary historical figures who used to live on Yuyuan Road. By opening public spaces to residents, Yuyuan Road Community hopes to help citizens know about the culture of rule of law, and this measure is welcomed by residents.

The inspection team also visited No. 111, Lane 1032 on Yuyuan Road, the former residence of Qian Xuesen, an eager advocator and promoter of the socialist system of rule of law in China. He used to live in this house when he was young. Abundant historical documents and simple furniture in the house shows Qian Xuesens strict self-discipline, spirit of seeking the truth, pragmatic working style, his loyalty and dedication to work, as well as his noble characters and strong sense of patriotism.


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