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Handicapped People Communicate without Barriers in Community

Zhoujiaqiao Sub-district Community Service Center launched a pilot project of sign language video service on November 9, 2020. This intelligent terminal not only helps people with hearing impairment to communicate with each other, but also helps staffs in the community service center to understand them.


In Zhoujiaqiao Sub-district Community Service Center, our reporter saw a computer on the counter. By using sign language, a sign language interpreter was listening to the requests from an elderly with hearing impairment and communicating with him on the screen.


This person on the screen is a full-time sign language interpreter from the 12345 service hotline for citizens. He offers bi-directional interpretation for people with hearing impairment and staffs in the community service center on the screen, listens to the handicapped peoples requests through sign language and interprets the meaning of sign language for staffs through audio. In the community service center, by listening to the interpretation, staffs understood that Grandpa Jiang wanted to know how to get a new version of social security card and a service card for the handicapped. Within only a few minutes, Grandpa Jiang got the answer through the quick interpretation of the sign language interpreter. He expressed thanks to staffs and the individualized service in the center.


The full-time sign language interpreter will offer online service from Monday to Friday at 09:00 ~ 11:30, 13:30 ~ 16:00. As long as a staff contacts to him through the E-Cloud video conference system, he will be online and offer interpretation service to people with hearing impairment and staffs, so as to realize real-time, direct and correct communication service.


There are 72,800 people with hearing impairment in Shanghai, like Grandpa Jiang. In Changning District, there are 3,512 people with hearing impairment. These people often encounter problems in the community service center and couldnt enjoy preferential policies and services from the government on time, because its slow for staffs to understand their requests, for there are no sufficient sign language interpreters in the city. Wang Yun, the person in charge of the service window in Zhoujiaqiao Sub-district Community Service Center, said that previously, a person with hearing impairment would bring a blackboard with him and write his requests and questions on the board. But his handwriting speed was slow and its difficult to read the scribbling on the blackboard, and the service efficiency was low. Now, people with hearing impairment could communicate with staffs on the screen and get answers quickly thanks to the interpretation service. Intelligent sign language service enhanced the service efficiency in the community service center.


Zhoujiaqiao Sub-district Community Service Center will soon connect this system to the Shanghai municipal governments sign language video service system, offer training to staffs, strengthen publicity on site, set up more signboards and determine standard service procedures in the center, so as to offer better service to people with hearing impairment.


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