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Officers honored as Guard for Peace
10/09/2020 Li Xinra Shanghai Daily

Led by Zhao Yiming, 13 law enforcement officers were honored as Guard for Peace of Changning.


It was the second time that Changning gave the prize to frontline officers. The whole process of the unveiling ceremony last Thursday night was live broadcast through “Shanghai Changning” app.

In recent years, Changning law enforcement agencies create a safe and stable social environment, a fair and just environment of rule of law and a high quality and efficient service environment for the sustainable and healthy development of regional economy and society.

They helped Changning to become a model district throughout the country in fulfilling rule of law as well as a model district in building a safe society.


Changning has established a multi-faceted security system which includes grassroots dispute settlement, a security information management platform, a psychological service platform, the introduction of attorneys and as many as 50,000 volunteers who patrol local streets and communities every day and night.

The district also built a three-level comprehensive administration center and deepened the reform of community police affairs and social co-governance. It has cultivated and introduced social organizations to jointly take part in grassroots management and set up a fund to encourage braveries.


With effort throughout the district, the detection rate of major criminal cases reached almost 100 percent in recent years. Community police officers, together with 185 neighborhood committees, more than 20,000 volunteers and 12,000 surveillance cameras constitute an invisible network to serve 803 residential compounds around the district.

Riot police, emergency unit and armed police officers strictly follow the rules to arrive the scene in 3 minutes. Uniformed officers patrol 5,000 kilometers every day, question more than 2,000 people and guard key areas over 600 minutes on each shift.


Meanwhile, traffic police patrol all the 139 streets or direct traffic at 333 intersections within the district. Each officer patrols 24 kilometers, deals with more than 20 offences every day. They also work overtime almost every week.

Meanwhile, two fire squadrons station in Changning. The fire brigade also trained civilians and held seminars regularly.

Editor:Li Xinra  Shanghai Daily

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