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What Does Shanghai Look like in a Foreign Artist’s Eyes?

What does Shanghai look like in a foreign artists eyes? Youll find the answer on Back to Life, an art exhibition for French artist Mathieu Cambier at No. 88 Art Space of KiNG88 Plaza.


Once visitors enter the No.88 Art Space, theyll find the paintings by Mathieu. He drew his first Chinese ink and wash painting, Lost · China after arriving at Shanghai. In this painting, he expressed his impression to Shanghai before and how his impression changed after arriving at this city.


This art exhibition comprises several parts. In “Labyrinth of Memory, visitors will see artworks being hanged under the ceiling in zigzag pattern, creating a barrier of memory. These colorful artworks are very attractive to the eyes, and reveal the artists memory and imagination. Abstract and descriptive images show the artists unique imagination and painting style. Entering the exhibition hall, it looks like entering a palace of memory.


Landscape on Metro Line 7 shows the epitome of city dwellers that the artist saw on Metro Line 7. Metro stations in Shanghai have high passenger flow. This is a place where a lot of ordinary citizens could be seen, and reveals the realest looks of people. As this serial work develops, images become more and more abstractive, surrealistic and expressive.


Routine Inspiration displays intermingled artworks showing our routine life. The artist created several artworks about his wife and his pet dog. Most of them are human portraits, showing the artists deep love for his wife and his affection to nice things in life. In the artists eyes, these details in routine life that many modern people ignored created our colorful world.


Apart from paintings, other derivative products, such as mugs, postcards and T-shirts, could be seen on the exhibition.


Mathieu Cambier is a French artist whose works have been displayed in several countries worldwide, e.g. the UK.


Duration: Today ~ November 4

(10:30 ~ 18:00, Tuesday ~ Sunday)

Address: L1-24 KiNG88 Plaza, 88 Changning Road, Changning District



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