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Find out Interesting Things in the Exhibition Hall at 155 Wuyi Road

Now its the one thousand days countdown for the urban renewal project on Wuyi Road. This project on 155 Wuyi Road is the highlight for the urban renewal of Shanghai. Now, citizens could visit an offline exhibition hall to learn the details of this project and feel the glamour of the city.


The exhibition hall of the 155 Wuyi Road Project is located on the first floor at 155 Wuyi Road (beside Xinghualou). It opens to the public for free from 09:00 to 16:00. Monday to Friday. Here, citizens could know about the past, present and future of this space by seeing exhibition models and watching videos.


155 Wuyi Road used to be the Fourth Ammeter Factory of SHANGHAIYI Group. This factory, together with other factories nearby, played a leading role in the light industry in the past.


As the city expands and its urban function changes, Wuyi Road gradually changes from an industrial area into a space of residential communities. Since the ammeter factory moved to other place in 2006, the former site of the factory is renovated into a business park and becomes a sample of urban renewal project and a landmark of intelligent space featuring urban memories and artificial intelligence. Old factory buildings are renovated into a hi-tech park focusing on the AI sector.


This project creates innovative space for living that satisfies new functions, new positioning and application by renovating existing idle spaces in the city. Visitors will find several delicately made scale-down models in the exhibition hall, showing the appearance and internal structure of this project after completion. They could also know about the details of the project from the design drawings on the wall. This project is designed by Zhang Haiao, an architect who has designed several urban renewal projects on a micro level, such as the food market of Yuyuan Public Market and the rainbow corridor of Su Shanghai Community Gallery. When this project is completed, citizens will see the familiar community space and community life coming back.


Address: 155 Wuyi Road (Beside Xinghualou)

Time: 09:00 ~ 16:00, Monday to Friday

Transport: Metro Line 2, No. 71 Bus


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