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Everyone Loves This Natural Oxygen Bar on Huashan Road

There are many parks and gardens on the hustle-and-bustle streets of Shanghai, and the Huashan Greenbelt is one of them. It is near Xingfu Road, Taian Road and Xingguo Road. Its also not far from Wukang Road. Walking on these streets and sightseeing in these parks brings joyful experience to visitors.


Huashan Greenbelt is located on a higher terrain. Walk on the steps at the entrance on Xingfu Road and enter the park, visitors will first see tall trees, such as dawn redwood and gingko. Green leaves and yellow leaves mixed together, looking very beautiful.


Heading downhill, visitors will find a large area of green forest on the left and a big lawn on the right. Beside the lawn, there is a pond surrounded by rocks with different size. You can walk on the rocks or jump, climb on them, and have a challenging trip. You can also choose a big rock, sit on it and take a rest.


Huashan Greenbelt had a renovation project last year and reopened to the public again in June. After renovation, there are 8 scenic spots in the greenbelt, including the forest, wooden plank bridge, pond, stream, garden, brilliant autumn, dawn redwood and childrens playground.


The greenbelt also underwent a dredging project last year, and diversified aquatic plants were planted to improve water quality.


There are more than 200 lighting facilities in the greenbelt. They not only bring beautiful night landscape to citizens, but also ensure citizens safety.



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