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Changning Has the Most “Romantic Park” in Shanghai

In Shanghai, among all parks featuring lake landscape, Tianshan Park is absolutely the one with the most romantic atmosphere.


Yu-yin-tang, the most famous livehouse pub in Shanghai, is renovated from the little white house in Tianshan Park. Shanghai Art Collection Museum, the first museum in China featuring art gifts, and Chuang-yi-yuan (Space by Create), a creative industry park in Changning District, is both located in Tianshan Park. Liu Haisu Art Museum is only one street away from Tianshan Park.


In 1958, the city initiated a construction project and removed a large amount of soil from the site of the nowadays Tianshan Park for filling the Fa-hua-bang River. This project created an artificial lake on the site of the park. Because the lake looks like a gourd, it is thus named as the Gourd Lake. The government planted trees around the lake and renovated the site into a park. In 1959, this park, named Fahua Park, opened to the public on the National Day of that year. The Fahua Park covers an area of 72,000 square meters. In 1998, a part of this park, covering an area of 4,300 square meters, was returned to the government due to the construction project of Shanghai Metros Pearl Line and the widening project of West Yanan Road. Now the park covers an area of 68,000 square meters. This is the predecessor of Tianshan Park. The park formerly changed its name as Tianshan Park in May 1975.


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