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Street stores demolished and replaced with fashion shops in red brick houses

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-Vince Lombardi



Street stores demolished and replaced with fashion shops in red brick houses




Street stores next to the west end of Yuyuan Road will be replaced by boutique shops in gorgeous red brick houses by the end of the month.







The new buildings will merge with the surrounding historic houses and is expected to lead the fashion trend at the century-old street.







Shops to open include an authentic Peking hot pot restaurant which has become an Internet sensation, an avant garde home furnishings & décor selling bath & body works products and fashion ornaments at the same time and a sneaker franchise featuring limited editions.








Bridge-tunnel to connect greenways




A non-motorized bridge over Beidi Road has been built and is expected to open to the public early next year along with the green belts it connects with.








The overpass next to the Outer Ring Road is 376 meters long and 6.6 meters wide. It is built to link up with the phase one and two greenery to the west of the Outer Ring Road.







Moreover, a pedestrian tunnel beneath Tianshan Road W. has been built at the same time. The tunnel is 316 meters long and six meters wide.






The tunnel and the pathway over Beidi Road will be connected soon.



District and AI forerunners launch cooperation




Changning government and two AI forerunners signed a strategic cooperation agreement at the closing ceremony of the 2019 World Artificial Intelligence Conference to jointly boost the AI technology development in the district.







In line with the agreement, Tomorrow Advancing Life (NYSE: TAL) will establish a regional headquarters and a smart education platform in Changning while Westwell Lab to launch its Edge AI project based on the Internet of Things.







Tomorrow Advancing Life is a leading education and technology enterprise in China, which holds the core development goals of being technology-driven, talent-centered, and quality-focused. Since its establishment, TAL has been committed to integrating the Internet and technology into education to deliver a better study experience for children.



The Westwell Lab at 102 Lixi Road consists of 80 employees. It was established in May 2015 as a commercial lab specialized in neuromorphic engineering.








Its partnership with ZPMC has led to the creation of the world’s first artificially intelligent (AI) unmanned straddle carrier.



Westwell Lab is focusing on providing the AI solution for unmanned operation and the dispatching system of multiple straddle carriers.




Changning boost for foreign traders




Changning District signed cooperation deals with the customs on Thursday for innovative supervision patterns and year-round exhibition and trade for imported products.







The agreements were signed two months ahead of the second China International Import Expo to boost the effects of the expo and the economic development of Changning, one of the most prosperous downtown districts in regards to foreign trade.







Under the agreements, customs will support the development of the Linkong economic zone near Hongqiao International Airport for the aviation leasing industry.




They will explore innovative supervision on business jets bonded exhibitions, aircraft financing and lease as well as bonded maintenance.




The Linkong economic zone aims to become not only an international transport hub but also headquarters for airlines and aviation firms from around the world.




The customs will also support Changning’s development as a trade center for imported products with its influence covering the Yangtze River Delta region and the whole country.







A year-round trade and exhibition center for import products will be established in Changning. Based on the customs’ big data platform in cross-border trade, a new intelligent and digitalized clearance procedure will initially be launched in the district, the customs said.




It will be more convenient for foreign traders to clear their imported products to display at the expo and following exhibitions. Some cultural products meeting requirements may even be exempted from submitting guarantees.



There are over 7,300 foreign companies and organizations based in Changning. Imports and exports amounted to 42 billion yuan (US$5.8 billion) between January and July this year, a 12 percent increase on the same period in 2018, said Wang Weiren, Changning’s Party secretary.




Old building, new services




A three-story building at Hongqiao Road will house a wet market and an elderly care center to better serve people around.






The building at No. 4, 1024 Hongqiao Road belongs to the state-owned Joinval Group. It covers 3,000 square meters. A 600-square-meter Meitian wet market will open on the first floor and the rest of the building will be leased to Wanhong Industrial Investment Co for the opening of an elderly care center.


At present, a pharmacy is on the first floor while the second and third floors are vacant.









Editor: Li Xinran Shanghai Daily





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