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Season’s greetings from parks on the west side

From a bird’s-eye view, Zhongxinjing Park is like a blooming lotus.








The Zhongxinjing Park is a complex for recreation and sports activities and features a museum and an underground parking.





Buildings in the park are mostly Huizhou-style, one of the traditional Chinese architecture styles that prevailed in the historical Huizhou Prefecture of Anhui Province.







On the opposite of the Xinjinggang River is the century-old Fuyuan Temple, which is the cultural axis of the park. To the east of the axis are a plaza and the Huizhou-style buildings.







To the west are vertical green spaces and beneath the ground are an exhibition hall, a gallery, a lounge and a parking lot.








A cultural exhibition center stands in the middle of the “Ginkgo Avenue,” which is on the opposite of the Xinjinggang River toward Fuyuan Temple, together with a lotus pool in the northeast of the park to enhance its cultural ties with the temple.







On the other side of the Fuyuan Temple, Shopping complex Fuyuanwan Joinval Center has become a food paradise since it was opened two years ago.







Neighboring Fuyuan Temple and Catholic Country Church, the nearly 20,000-square-meter commercial plaza is also the right answer to spiritual comfort.




A community full of delicacy and cultural atmosphere, the center has an indoor street, four floors above the ground and a basement, for snacks, full course meals, light dishes, luxury dining and clubs respectively.







Not far away, Xinjing Park is now open 24/7. Bordered by Tianshan Road W., Xinyu Road, Songhong Road and Xinjing No. 8 Village, the park attracts around 50,000 visitors every year.







At present, crabapple and bauhinia are in bloom in the park. The rape flowers at the south entrance of the park are dazzling.




The park has a playground, a basketball court, a badminton court and a table tennis room.







The park management has been upgraded, including increased patrols at night to ensure the safety of visitors and the operation of the park around the clock.




Meanwhile, Hami Park is at the intersection of Xinyu Road and Hami Road.







To the east of the park is Xinjinggang River and to the north is Xinyupu River. The waterfront park covers 12,500 square meters. Trees, bushes, flowers and a brick walkway, as well as the riverside view make the neighborhood park a perfect destination for leisure.




The opening hours are 5am to 9:30pm from April through September and 6am to 9pm from October through March.







Moreover, a 3.7-kilometer non-motorized transport system is expected to be built along Hami Road and Xinjinggang River. The first phase construction, between Songhong Road and Kele Road, will be carried out at the end of the year.




Editor: Li Xinran Shanghai Daily




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