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Education a top priority

Education is among the top priorities of Changning’s development, said Wang Weiren, Party secretary of the district, ahead of the annual Teachers’ Day.







Changning has intensified its high quality education resources through education groups to promote the balanced development of high-level education in the district.





Every primary school or junior high school in Changning is a member of an education group. Teachers, curriculums and hobby groups are shared within each group to promote balanced development of secondary education as well as the continuous improvement of education quality.







There are 23 primary schools and 26 secondary schools in the district. These include not only experimental or demonstration high schools, such as the Shanghai No. 3 Girls’ High School, Yan’an High School and Fudan High School, but also high schools with distinguishing features, such as the High School Affiliated to the East China University of Political Science and Law.





High quality primary schools and kindergartens include the Jiangwu Primary School and the Changning Experimental Kindergarten.







A number of international schools, such as the Yew Chung International School of Shanghai, are also based in Changning.




The district has launched “quality + balance” education in recent years to build “good schools at the doorstep” through the establishment of education groups.





It is also strengthening cooperation with prestigious universities. It works with East China Normal University to jointly build Tianshan School as part of an effort to create brand names of regional education.








Education and its delivery has progressed a great deal over the years with students today not just viewed as vessels of knowledge but free thinkers able to operate in a global world.





Hence, the development of education groups represents the future trend as it enables the integration of all sorts of education resources and provides children not only a safe place to learn but also an environment to push their limits for personal growth and character development.




Editor: Li Xinran Shanghai Daily





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