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Xianxia Road to become another boulevard of the city

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Xianxia Road to become another boulevard of the city




A section of Xianxia Road is expected to become the 11th boulevard in Changning. The district is now home to 10 of the city’s boulevards.







The section of Xianxia Road between Gubei Road and Weining Road will join the club this year.








Other club members in Changning include the section of Xinhua Road between Panyu Road and Yangzhai Road, Panyu Road between Yan’an Road W. and Xinhua Road, Huashan Road between Zhenning Road and Jiangsu Road, Yuyuan Road between Dingxi Road and Zhenning Road, Honggu Road between Gubei Road and Beihong Road, Manao Road between Hongbaoshi Road and Guyang Road, Yinzhu Road between Hongbaoshi Road and Lanbaoshi Road, Maotai Road between Zunyi Road and Gubei Road and Linquan Road between Kele Road E. and Beihong Road.








Basement bazaar sells almost everything



A 3,000-square-meter bazaar is now open at the basement of the Cloud Nine Shopping Mall, featuring an indoor walking street and over 60 franchise stores.








The Longmen Bazaar is full of Chinese elements and houses a number of time-honored brands.







Apart from Feiyue shoes and dessert from Harbin Food Factory, customers will find products from Taiwan at Taipei & Shanghai Collections.







The most popular Luckin Coffee is also available here. The beauty store Ishimaya Plaza is steps away.







As a one-stop market for food, clothing and daily necessities, Longmen Bazaar offers all sorts of delicious, beautiful and interesting things.



New tour routes released for Changning




Ten new guided tour routes have been released for downtown Changning District, allowing people to learn about Shanghai’s history and culture by visiting old-time villas and former residences of celebrities.







These “micro” tours, jointly launched by culture and tourism officials in Changning and Spring Tour, are part of annual tourism, shopping and art festivals held in the district from late this month through November.




Hundreds of tourism and culture events have been arranged at parks, shopping malls and landmark roads, such as Yuyuan Road, across Changning during the festivals.




The annual tourism and shopping celebrations aim to encourage tourists and residents to shop and experience the culture of the downtown district, which is known for its large international communities and foreign enterprises, said Kang Wenhua, Party secretary of Changning District Culture and Tourism Bureau.




As a highlight, the 10 in-depth sightseeing tours allow participants to visit and learn about historical sites, he said. They include routes focused on the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China, the stories of Dr Sun Yat-sen and Soong Ching Ling in Shanghai, as well as the iconic buildings designed by Hungarian architect Laszlo Hudec.




Visitors can also visit popular museums, learn listed heritage skills, listen to concerts along Suzhou Creek or feel the historical and cultural ambiance of Yuyuan and Wuyi roads.




The route entitled “To Greet the Dawn” about the liberation of the city is highly recommended, said Kang. The route includes the former Shanghai Bureau of CPC Central Committee on 389 Jiangsu Road, and the Jiaoyi Building in East China University of Political Science and Law, which served as the first base of the People’s Liberation Army after it entered Shanghai in May 1949.




There’s also an exhibition hall about the CPC’s revolutionary history on Yuyuan Road, which once served as the editorial department for an early Party publication titled “Bolshevik.”




Former residences of missile and space scientist Qian Xuesen (1911-2009), writer, translator and scholar Shi Zhecun (1905-2003) as well as New Zealand-born writer Rewi Alley (1897-1987), who came to Shanghai in 1927 and was later involved in China’s revolution and reconstruction, will also open to visitors taking part in the tour.



QR codes have been attached on each of these structures for visitors to scan and read bilingual introductions in English and Chinese about their histories.








Other international events during the festivals include a German beer festival, which will take place at the Renaissance Yangtze Shanghai Hotel between September 18 and 28, as well as an international art festival between October 18 and November 3, featuring artists from Latvia, the Netherlands, Israel and the United Kingdom.






Shopping centers in the district will host food bazaars along with other events and discounts, according to the district’s commission of commerce.



Old and new in Yuyuan Road projects




The century-old Yuyuan Road and its surrounding area are to be transformed in two urban renewal projects.







The former Printemps Department Store on Dingxi Road, which closed in April, will become a high-tech complex featuring artificial intelligence companies, exhibitions and applications.




In the other project, the former dormitory buildings of the Shanghai Workers College of Medical Science will be preserved and house innovative stores, small eateries and art exhibitions.







The state-owned Joinval Trade Group signed a strategic agreement with a joint venture established by the Shanghai Institute of Microsystem and Information Technology and Creater, the firm in charge of revamping the area, to redevelop the former shopping mall.




Yuyuan Road — which dates back to 1911 — runs through the districts of Changning and Jing’an. In recent decades it has been shortened to its current length of 800 meters.







It features well-preserved historical villas once home to big names such as missile and space scientist Qian Xuesen (1911-2009), writer, translator and scholar Shi Zhecun (1905-2003) and New Zealand-born writer Rewi Alley (1897-1987), who came to Shanghai in 1927 and was later involved in China’s revolution and reconstruction.




The future high-tech complex, named “AI engine,” will gather top AI companies and startup firms on Dingxi Road, a street off Yuyuan Road. The region will become an eastern hub of the “Hongqiao Intelligent Valley,” a key technology base planned by the Changning government.







Dingxi Road has advantages in developing the AI sector in that two institutes under the Chinese Academy of Sciences are based there, the microsystem and information technology institute and the Shanghai Institute of Ceramics.




The Changnign branch of the Printemps Department Store opened in 2004 and was once a popular shopping destination. But while other malls adjusted their businesses in the face of online shopping, it stuck to traditional business models. It shut on April 15 after its lease expired.








In future, the building on 1328 Dingxi Road will focus on AI applications, intelligent scenarios and incubation for startups. Commercial and exhibition facilities in the building will largely involve various updated AI applications, according to Creater Industrial Co.




With 5G network coverage, for example, AI will analyze the most popular merchandize and work out marketing strategies.



In the other project, the “Yu Jian” complex developed from decrepit dormitories of the former college is expected to become a new attraction on Yuyuan Road.




Education a top priority




Education is among the top priorities of Changning’s development, said Wang Weiren, Party secretary of the district, ahead of the annual Teachers’ Day.







Changning has intensified its high quality education resources through education groups to promote the balanced development of high-level education in the district.





Every primary school or junior high school in Changning is a member of an education group. Teachers, curriculums and hobby groups are shared within each group to promote balanced development of secondary education as well as the continuous improvement of education quality.







There are 23 primary schools and 26 secondary schools in the district. These include not only experimental or demonstration high schools, such as the Shanghai No. 3 Girls’ High School, Yan’an High School and Fudan High School, but also high schools with distinguishing features, such as the High School Affiliated to the East China University of Political Science and Law.





High quality primary schools and kindergartens include the Jiangwu Primary School and the Changning Experimental Kindergarten.







A number of international schools, such as the Yew Chung International School of Shanghai, are also based in Changning.




The district has launched “quality + balance” education in recent years to build “good schools at the doorstep” through the establishment of education groups.





The district is also strengthening cooperation with prestigious universities. It works with East China Normal University to jointly build Tianshan School as part of an effort to create brand names of regional education.





Editor: Li Xinran Shanghai Daily








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