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Bridge-tunnel to connect greenways

A non-motorized bridge over Beidi Road has been built and is expected to open to the public early next year along with the green belts it connects with.







The overpass next to the Outer Ring Road is 376 meters long and 6.6 meters wide. It is built to link up with the phase one and two of the greenery to the west of the Outer Ring Road.




A 6-meter-wide footpath will highlight the tree belts to the west of the Outer Ring Road.




The future tranquil “green corridor” will hide in a forest. A vast majority of the forest is tall trees but there are also small trees, bushes and eye-catching wildflowers.







Wisteria, bauhinia and crape myrtle are widely planted at the 6.25 kilometer tree belt, which will cover an area of 55 hectares and become a major part of a slow traffic system being developed in Changning.




The greenway runs across a number of rivers and is surrounded by wetlands and lawns. Visitors not only enjoy natural views but benefit from surveillance cameras, ubiquitous lighting, radio broadcasting, WiFi, security devices, digital screens, signboards and park furniture.







Sports facilities which include a swimming pool, an indoor stadium, stores selling sporting goods and a parking lot will make it an ideal place is to hold sports events and citizen games.






Moreover, a pedestrian tunnel beneath Tianshan Road W. has been built at the same time. The tunnel is 316 meters long and six meters wide.







The tunnel and the pathway over Beidi Road will be connected soon.





Editor: Li Xinran Shanghai Daily





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